Bitkenstan_92 - Question time.

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A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.


Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Hilda: Thanks for the advice, Tilly. Talk to you later. (hangs up, takes a deep breath)
Stanley: (pauses outside the window, scratches head, takes deep breath)
Hilda: (takes a deep breath)
Stanley: (swings the door open, holding flowers and small gift box) Hilda, I have flowers, jewelry, and a yes/no question.
Hilda: Okay.
Stanley: We may as well start with the question.
Hilda: Okay.
Stanley: Hilda, we've known each other a long time.
Hilda: Yes.
Stanley: Hilda, will you......go on a date with me?
Hilda: (smiles) I'd love to.
Stanley: That's a "yes"?
Hilda: Yes.
Stanley: (clicks his heels) It's a date!
Hilda: (smiles)

Creator: Gonna be fun!

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Bitkenstan is the webcomic that became the world's first NFTcomic on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and life.

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