Here is how to sell Grunt/pigs in piggericks ( I am now 100% up)

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Yesterday was a big step in my journey with Piggericks.

  1. First time I cash out some and sold at market to ETH
  2. I went from minus to plus. No I am +100 % . That is pretty Good!

How to sell pigs/grunts to ETH

First - account and play

The most common question I have read is "how to sell pigs" - "how to make money of this game?". Here is the answer

  1. An account
    First of all you need a account at Piggericks. Of course. If you start one - contact team in Discord and you will get some free pigs. Use my name as refereal and I send you some too.

  2. Play
    Of course you need to play to level up your pigs

  3. Invest 30 USD
    Here is a crusial point. You need to spend 30 USD (in hive or eth) in the shop to be able to use withdraw function and be able to send pigs.

  4. Kill your pigs
    From level 4 you can kill your pigs and get grunts (in-game currencie) from it. You will get slightly under the value in the shop
    So if you dont find any buyer of the pigs - just kill them and get grunts

Withdraw Grunt

  1. Notice your ETH-adress
    In settings you have to write your ETH-adress from metamask or web3 wallet i.e. ability to connect it the the piggericks app

  2. Buy a withdraw pig for the grunts
    I used 1 million Grunt and bought a Pig worth 505 USD. When buying that pig I payed 5USD (in grunt) as a withdraw fee.
    After some minutes I could see them at Metamask ! Nice!

  3. Sell at uniswap
    Here you can choose how much you want to swap to ETH.
    I first wanted to know how much I could get for 1 million Grunt but Uniswap said NO NO - you can not swap so much
    So Uniswap has a limit to prevent really big market differences.
    100 000 Grunt show to be a good limit.

First Uniswap has to check the limit of Grunt in your wallet. It takes some minute. Then you can make the swap. I had to pay 8 USD in gas fee.

So for 100 000 Grunt I did get in total about 50 USD in ETH. That is pretty good.

So how is the market?
One is my transfer and just after me one other did a swap. Thats it - in the last 10 hours.

  • Does nobody knows that they can sell?
  • Do everyone hodl there Grunts and wish to sell in higher level?

We will see. I have more left than I have sold so far.

From 50 USD to 100 USD


I have blogged about my journey with Piggericks and last blogpost I was at 48 USD in and 50 USD out. No have I went over the magic limit and everything is plus.
I good feeling.
So in short - How do I earn money?

  1. I was an early bird - Bought in presale
  2. Played in some contest and won grunt
  3. Join discord and sell some pigs that way
  4. One of the first using uniswap to sell some (less than 10 % ) of my grunts

See you at the Pigge-Field.
And if you need a pig - just tell in comment - Three pigs are going to my readers today!



This is not really plausible way longterm. If you do the same transaction now, you get about 41 USD worth of ETH. Spending in shop gets you 50 USD worth of pigs. I know, that is in price tags, not saying you can sell that high but I take that over having 50 bucks on Ethereum facing USD 5 fee to move them.
We need to be able to move Grunts (or swap.grunts) on Hive Engine to facilitate transactions of this size. Ethereum is cool if you need a loan to buy a car, not for tossing a few pigs around.

yes. I agree with you. If grunts come to hive-engine it would be much better. Easier, cheaper to swap. And more in hive will be intresting of the game. And as you say - just a sell off by 200 000 grunts effected the price really much. Still - I am happy, I reached my first goal

I am trying to connect to Uniswap using the "wallet connect" function, ( I am not on Metamask) and I only get errors. I haven/t cashed out the Grunts yet, but I want to check first whether exchanging them to ETH will be possible. It looks like a big pain in the ass to do this, plus all the fees we need to pay.

I don't want to use Metamask browser extension (I don't want to expose any info to nobody) , so that means there are not really any smooth options left. Have you guys used Metamask mobil version?

As you guys are saying, that can't be the final option, and we need some other better way really soon.Otherwise nobody will come over to start playing anymore.

I did use extension in chrome. I do not know how metamask is working in a phone. But as Knircky says you can use other wallets too.
Wallet Connect in uniswap can be used to connect to a couples of wallets.

Just now I do not know any other smooth way.

It looks there is no way to register any other wallet than metamask! It says "Please install MetaMask first.".

You should be able to connect coinbase wallet to uniswap too. BUT I do not know if you can send GRUNT to that wallet.
THis is obviously a problem . A lot of players almost only use mobile.

crucial point! Being one of the early bird investors...most important in all these things when making tons...people forget that..

dare to invest into something new, maybe lose it, maybe win more

Yes I agree with you. Most Grunt I have made by being a early bird. They had airdrops in three stages and a bonus to early investors. I have been manage to join all.
One more airdrop to go.

But of course - it is always possible to loose everythiing too. Dont want to talk about my ICO-investments 2017...:-)

Thanks for passing by. Have a !BEER and a nice day

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Are Grunts only tradeable on Ethereum or are they on Hive-Engine too? I'd like to swap some, but those gas fees^^

They can only be trade at ETH in uniswap as I know. So if you want to keep the fee down you use metamask with a friend. You send your grunt to same metamask and make one big swap. That is the only way I can find out - but I am not an cryptoexpert.

One other way is to use grunt to buy pigs and try to sell them at discord. That is obviously not so easy but I have sold some.

You can only withdraw if you have at least 500 000 grunts. Then it is no problem to pay 5usd in withdraw fee and 8 usd in gas fee. I did get 50 USD in eth for 100 000 grunts.
But the value go up and down as all cryptos and tokens

you have to pay a uniswap fee of 8 Euro for every swap, and you can't exchange 500.000 grunts at once, therefor until you exchanged everything you need to pay way too much in fees. that alone is a put-off

And now the value is to low so you get nothing from it.
Still - the first trade I did was Good.
From piggericks to eth gave me 50 usd for 100 000 grunts after all fee

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