Coinbase Announcement Causes Momentum in The Market

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Coinbase, one of the largest digital money institutions, said yesterday that the next live publishing will happen on April 14th.

The organization also revealed that it will share its first-quarter cash results eight days before immediate publication, for example on April 8th.

Ranking is uncommon and important on the grounds that results will appear shortly before the organization appears due to pitching its bids to the general community, and thus will add new rules for financial backers hoping for the Coinbase stock appreciation report.

The announcement comes long after CoinBase distributed its 2020 cash results as an element of a mandatory S-1 administrative petition ahead of the IPO.

These results showed that the organization generated $ 320 million in interest each year 2020, with income exceeding one billion dollars, which is a big jump compared to 2019, when Coinbase lost $ 30 million.


The cryptocurrency market

As evidenced by the presentation of the cryptocurrency market in the main quarter of 2021, which was portrayed by the massive expansion in the costs of most computerized forms of cash, it is envisioned that the main quarter of "Coinbase" is its best quarter to this point.

The first-quarter income is also responsible for leading experts and potential financial backers to reassess the organization's offerings, who recently estimated the organization at around $ 100 billion, a figure many investigators deemed too high and overestimated.

In the event Coinbase reports massive first-quarter results, the valuation will likely rise and cause the organization to record bids above $ 340.

Coinbase's acceptance into public business sectors will be a significant achievement for the digital money industry in general, and it will also give an understanding of how Wall Street is collaborating with an industry that has new cycles and oscillations.

As an update, a month ago, Coinbase took another unusual step in its approach to transforming into a public organization by visitor to facilitate the "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) gathering that featured Brian Armstrong, Coinbase's CEO. To respond to customer inquiries.


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