I Doubled My CUB - From 17 to 41 CUBs

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More than a month ago, the CUB Defi project was announced on the Leo network, as many began to buy CUB and storage for Farming.

Unfortunately, I wasted the first week, but after a week the ARP was nearly 2,000% on the CUB-BUSD pair.

I bought 1 quantity of CUB about 9 CUB and another amount of equal BUSD and started adding Liquidity to Farm.

In fact, this was my first experience with Defi as I used to hear about it a lot like I used to hear about NFT and others, but I never tried either Pancake or any other decentralized financing platform.

After adding to the farm, I decided to complete the investment and make it a long-term investment for a year or more.

So every week I was about doing Hevest for CUB and adding them back to Farm.


More Than Doubled

After more than a month of Harvest and Deposit operations, it has reached about 41 CUB now, and that is only from depositing 17 CUB.

I know that most CUBs I got in the beginning was when the ARP was very high.

But in the long term, whether from investment or the Harvest, I intend to have at least 100 CUB.

The price of CUB is now about $ 3.5, but I am optimistic about this project and that it will reach $ 10 as a start soon.


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By @natalia-irish

Thank You

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That's a pretty big profit you get, I also suspect the Cub will cost up to $10.

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Thats nice. How about the quantity of your busd, did it decrease? Or remained the same

Ya it is decreased but not so much

Alright thanks

Nice job! Keep it up. I believe you won't be sorry :-)

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