NFTs - What happens after $ 69 million?

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Computerized non-fungible tokens, or "NFTs," are changing the way we view many traditional things, and financial backers are starting to see this.

In February, NFT began to lead the pack in the digital currency space.

Interesting and advanced cryptographic tokens enable the formation of a reliable shortage of computerized elements, and craftsmen have taken advantage of the opportunity this innovation provides.

The year 2021 saw a significant expansion in revenue in NFT advanced tokens, as the Google search bonus in this term reached its all-time noteworthy numbers, and NFT markets and stores, for example, the "Clever Gateway" recording exchange volumes where Everyone expects to manage this emerging resource class.

As for your data, it's not just an interest that is expanding.

In the previous half of the year, the vast majority of the more expensive NFTs were ever sold out, indicating the desire of a true financial backer for these emerging tokens.


$ 69.3 million

The record for the most expensive and never-replaceable Advanced NFT Pictures are sold (and probably the most expensive handicraft ever sold) goes for a photo that includes a variety of required images every day for 5,000 days.

Planned by respected advanced craftsman Mike "Stone" Winkleman ", the artwork sold for $ 69.3 million at sale, and was first sold by the reputable sales management firm, Well Art Fully Computerized.

This NFT addresses a variety of 5,000 of Pebble's prior fine arts, and shows his progress as a craftsman throughout his career.

Metakovan bought this beautiful art, which was initially a pseudonym, and later discovered its personality.

The second most important bid for this part was Justin Sun, CEO and Builder of Tron, who made a staggering $ 60.2 million bid.

But in late March and this April, NFTs began to decline little by little, as some likened it to a bubble, and the turnout for it decreased dramatically, so I was saying that this is the year of NFTs, but it seems that I was wrong.


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No matter how hard I try, I cannot accept that these will be more than a fad. The reason is that anyone can do them and the market won't be there for those. I am excited about the collectables in NBA, Movies, TV Shows, Rock & Roll and things like that. I think that has legs but this is so new the market will adjust.

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