Atomic Wallet Crypto Dust Collector Experiment : Day 7

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Here is an update on my Atomic Wallet Crypto Dust Collector Experiment...

I made a few trades today.... Sold my Digibyte for Ethereum and OMG. Still down a bit from 2 days ago though (See below) I think I also lost a little on the trades ? Trying to figure out how much.


The Experiment: I am slowly moving over all my random crypto faucet dust to my new Atomic Wallet since setting it up Last week. A few days ago I sent small amounts from Bittrex : DigiByte, XRP, XLM, ADA, XVG that I had earned on Earncrypto ... I still have a bunch of stuff over there that are too small to move and too small to trade ... I did some experiments and found that I could send some small amounts to Binance and convert to BNB ( Binance coin) and then trade for something that I can send to Atomic. No idea what to do with my Reddcoin, Pot Coin, Etc etc though,

Atomic Wallet Dust Collector : Day 5 — $66.04


As explained I have been earning every kind of crypto under the sun watching movies on Earncrypto, blogging on Publish0X and various other places that pay micro amount of crypto.

I had already sent most to Binance, Bittrex, over the years then converted to Bitcoin on the dips, but I still have a lot of crypto scattered all over the place most of them below the threshold for payment.

As they reach those levels I am going to move them to the Atomic Wallet and Stake whatever I can ...

Atomic Wallet Dust Collector : Day 3 — $ 9.45


Atomic Wallet Dust Collector: Day 1 - $ 2


My HODL plan is to slowly convert these subatomic particle Cryptos
into a massive particle of Bitcoin on the dips....

Atomic Wallet :

Note: My Hive HODL Atomic Wallet Experiment has been Retweeted by Atomic Wallet on Twitter. I asked them to add Hive to their wallet. Stay tuned.


Damn! This is skyrocketing.

A little bit of dust adds up. I’m hoping I can send all my Steem and smoke dust here too....

How do I start claiming these dusts. Kindly put me through.

I make mine from Blogging and tipping creators on Publish0X and watching movies on EarnCrypto....

Tip: I share my Referral links on Twitter, Facebook etc etc so I get a lot of referral dust.


That's cool. I am yet to make a post on publish0x

Don’t need to even post there.... just get crypto from tipping others. It adds up

This is an interesting idea of earning passive income. I am doing my own kind of experiment to earn while playing games with EOS games. Please do keep updating so it benefits us small investors.