The Crypto Prophecies Showdown Will Start Soon

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The little Kingdom of Opulentos was a prosperous land. One day, a massive army of creatures arrived at the border and launched an attack. Furmalum, an evil warlock, wanted to bring darkness to the crypto world by stealing the wealth from all kingdoms. The Oracle, the ruler of the kingdom, called wise Satoshi and his fellowship of Crypto Prophets to make the defence plan. The 'Crypto Prophets' was a powerful species with the mysterious ‘profit magic to farm better yield. After a battle of 100 crypto-years, Satoshi and his team defeated the attackers and sent them to oblivion. The victory was earned by bloodshed and the devastating impact on the economy was visible. The Oracle passed a decree to rebuild the kingdom and repopulate it. The prophets were yield centric and better yield needed skills. The Oracle re-opened the battle area where the prophets practised their skills to gain more reputation and influence to gain unique prophecy.

“Cometh the hour to nurture and prosper. Convey thy prophecy and claim one’s place as the greatest Prophet in the Crypto World. Thus begins the Age of the Crypto Prophets.” – The Crypto Prophecies Whitepaper

The Satoshians – They are the powerful wizards

The Crypto Prophecies is a blockchain-based price prediction game that uses NFTs. To simplify, it is a gamified price battle game. You can enter this blockchain metaverse and put your proclaimed crypto prophecy to the test. You can challenge other prophets in this zero-sum price prediction game. You need to use your magical spell over the candles to foresee the dynamic crypto future which will earn you profit.

The Crypto Prophets are scattered over the metaverse. The generation 1 prophets have different races – the Satoshians, the Etherians, the Ripptilian, the Tezmanians. Generation 2 will have more races. You need a 'Summoning Orb' to summon and awake your Crypto Prophet. These Summoning ORBs are NFTs and each ORB has different power to summon a rare prophet. All prophets and magical items of the game will be available as NFTs too.

The Fabled Oppulentos Summoning Portal

TCP is the native token of the game. It is following the ERC20 standard. The token will be used to collect fees, purchase NFTs. It’ll also act as a governance token of the platform. TCP is getting traded on several exchanges like Kucoin, and Uniswap. 33.3% supply of TCP came to the market through private sale and there was no ICO.


The game isn’t launched yet. Presently, they’ve opened the signup process. You can claim your spot in the game here. Once you join and play, you get $5 BTCP tokens. Please note that these tokens are non-transferrable now and supposed to be used inside the game only. NFT pre-sale of the game is coming soon. The Crypto Prophecies has created nice buzz till now but the gaming platform isn’t operational yet. The game will be launched on Polygon where the transaction fees are nominal.

Note: The photos, if not cited, are from the original whitepaper. Please DYOR before investing any kind of fund.


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