🔥 Bitcoin is the largest financial service in the WORLD!

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I was checking twitter after the spike to 26,700$ a few minutes ago and I found some interesting information.

Did you know that Bitcoin is actually the Biggest Financial Service in the world?
Evem bigger than Visa, JPMorgan, Mastercard and PayPal.

These are huge news! People is valuing Bitcoin more than a speculative asset. There is a lot of money HODLing BTC, and people think that is more valuable than the biggest financial companies in the world. I was waiting for this moment to happen for a long time, and it feels really good.

If you want to see the further details, here you have the image and the source link.


Is this rally sustainable?

Well, if we take a look at the charts we are witnessing one of the most vertical rallies. It is scary at this point, but people are overexcited about it and I could see this rally lasting until the first days of January.

Some of the folks over here think that January/February are not usually good months for Bitcoin, specially because the last 2017 Bull Run peak was these dates. Some big names such as Square, PayPal and many others joined the party recently. This time could be different, I am just hoping that alts can also pump before Bitcoin takes a rest.

Crossing fingers!

Stay safe! 😊


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Are you keeping your DCA strategy?

Yes, at this prices I am up 29%!
Tomorrow I will buy again, I don't look at the price. Slow and steady accumulation.

Merry Christmas buddy! 😃

Bones festes!!!