🔥 How will this bull run be?

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Everybody is wondering if this bull run will be similar than the one from 2017.
Many people predict that this 2021 we will see huge pumps and dumps. They acceleration of price rises may be more parabolic since large investors are taking an interest in Bitcoin and buying large amounts. This can cause a liquidity crash that would push prices to levels that were unimaginable a couple of years ago.

But deep down, I think the same pattern that happened in 2017 is going to be repeated. The trigger for the past bull run was the price rise of Bitcoin that pushed it to the highest levels of (%) dominance in the cryptocurrency market. After that Ethereum and large caps followed, and we ended with a massive alt season that was crazy.

eth ath.png

A couple of days ago I found a tweet that was explaining exactly this. I fully agree on this Bull Run Roadmap, it is really probable that we'll follow the same path again.
Here you have it:


After 3 years in this space, I still feel that I don't have enough crypto, my portfolio is almost the double of what I had. Would be nice to feel the euphoria of 2017, this time I will surf the waves patiently and safely.

Next stop: Phase 2.

I am wondering if the Phase 2 of this bull run will be officially announced after Ethereum breaks its All Time Highs. I don't expect any retracement when we break 1,400$. In my head I can see Ethereum going from 1,400$ to 1,800$ almost instantly.

The 2,000$ resistance will be harder to break, but it will eventually fall like many others.

Enjoy! 😊


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I don't believe it will follow the same outcome as 2017.

I would love to know your reasoning.

Simply by the stage of adoption of cryptocurrency, we are entering the mainstream phase.