😱 Is ETC under a 51% attack again !?

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On August 1, several figures associated with Ethereum Classic (ETC) took to Twitter to inform the community of issues with the ETC blockchain. Among the first was Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson who stated that: “Exchanges need to pause deposits and withdrawals.”

Due to this possible attack, "reorg' took place at block 10904146.

Reorg is a built in feature in a blockchain that allows to roll back the network.

If malicious actors reach 51%, they could double spend or split the network.

Remember that a previous 51% attack already occured in the beginning of 2019. Read more here

What do you think is happening? Rumors are that one of the ETC miner is involved.


Cointelegraph article


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Wait, they've been attacked before?

Yes, but it was not hostile. More linked to a lack of miner diversification. It seems to be the case again on that one. Let's wait.