I think we we get more general purpose AI, it will be set to work on real world problems. It's just not there yet. At the moment all we have are these more specific purpose machines that are more pattern recognition than actual intelligence. In other words, we'll get there.

Not to be anti-capitalist, but I see what you are talking about as more a consequence of our system than people being lazy. Capital is being increasingly concentrated in the hands of the 1%, the poor are getting poorer, jobs are now getting to the point where even a decent wage might not cover rent alone or only barely cover rent, leaving not enough for food and the other things we need. People are scared, tired, stressed. Star Wars tells us that fear leads to the dark side. That may be true; after all poor people are more likely to turn to petty crimes like shoplifting. But I'd say for the majority it's more true that fear leads to apathy. When a person is stressed to the max by life, just fuck everything, let AI do it, let AI write my post, let AI do my bills, etc. Can't be bothered.

Of course that is simplifying it. But basically I don't think we can put the blame entirely on the people here for being lazy. I think people are generally good, but they are shaped by their environment, and our environment right now is not so great.

That's a good point, but that doesn't mean we need to be complicit. There are definitely things that are out of our control, but there are also some things that aren't. If we don't have the fight left in us to care that's one thing, but if we knowingly choose not to when we can, that is another. I fully agree that it mostly lands on the businesses to invest that money back into people. Which we know they probably won't do.

So much for the janitorial jobs at Sam's Club... The rest of the world is following suit. Machines don't complain, they don't get paid, and don't get sick. What's not to like from their standpoint?

The prospective students still are just plain sad to me... The country seems to be going down the tubes...

The Fifth Element is one of my favorites too. Gary Oldman was amazing in the movie, and that clip shows you exactly why! We should invest in each other I agree, but the greedy in the corporations see profits as much better than people. That's never going to change... Now I'm getting depressed!

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We have been trying to get janitorial positions filled where I work for most of the year. Even when we do find someone the quality usually isn't that great. Something like this wouldn't be so bad. Heck, send some of the immigrants up from the border and let them give it a go.

I have been talking about this for I don't know how long now. We are devolving due to technology, out of convenience. The majority of the problems AI is solving, is around how to maximize profits, by getting rid of humans. Instead of putting all the resources into that, how about putting it into improving wellbeing and health in humans?

I thought you might like this post. I was considering tagging you in it, but I kind of hoped you would just happen upon it. Had you seen that clip from YouTube with before? I was reminded of many of your posts when I first saw it. It's pretty poignant I think.

AI is penetrating in our lives and also in our daily activities but a lot of us are yet to admit that. Some people now prefer to use anything generated from AI even than what humans are doing
It is really crazy and people are losing their jobs
I hope we all wake up!

I think we are going to have to find a happy medium. It isn't going away, but we need to use it purposefully and responsibly.

It’s not going to happen people are way to lazy now to put in the effort.