Born on February 29: Young at heart and according to the calendar

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All day today, whenever I entered the date 29.02. In my notebook, my thoughts wandered to people born on this day.
Happy Birthday!

I had my chance, that long ago in 1976, it was a leap year...
If I had been born only 12 hours later, I would have been born on this special, rare day, which we have every fourth year.

Yesterday I was asked, how and what birthday would I celebrate if I was born only half a day later?
I can do the math, I would be 12 years old.
Just hit puberty 😀
And how I would celebrate birthdays, I can only imagine.
I would probably celebrate exactly every 29.02, I wouldn't accept the compromises of moving the celebration to weekends...
I would celebrate them as one big holiday, whichever day it falls on, because I would be denied three years in a row to celebrate my birthday.
I don't believe that I would celebrate my birthday on February 28 or March 1 in non-leap years.
They would be real, big parties, with lots of guests, every February 29.
The only question is how much I would like in my teenage years to have a birthday once every 4 years, and to miss out on being the center of attention among society, but from this perspective, (when the years pass very quickly), I think I would like it to celebrate every fourth year.
Four times less crowding and organization, only once in four years persuasion about gifts, surprises, lunches, restaurants...
If you don't like crowds, surprises and gifts (yesterday's @galenkp post and the questions I received during the past week led me to this thought), imagine the joy of being asked what you want for a gift only once in 4 years.
Considering that it is 1 in 4, then the wish could be more serious... And like this every year when you think about what you want for a gift, you still have to think about the amount of money that someone should spend for your gift...
What could to be the choice of gift for February 29? Some good mobile phone, summer vacation, winter vacation, cruise, visiting a city abroad, car rims, Sony PS5, etc...

I personally don't know anyone born on this date.

Is there anyone here at Hive who is celebrating their birthday or their child's birthday today or is a guest at the birthday party of someone who has a birthday today?

I wonder how he celebrates his birthday and does he like being born on this special date?