Responsible 'whAtr' ! [The costliest I ever drink]

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Water has been an essentials items for our survival. I belive everyone of us, relies on drinking water in between intervals to beat the thrist. Even medicine advised various theories to follow for drinking water during the day. Well, do not worry this is not any other of the regular drinking water post. However, a bit differrnt from usual water post. It is about the price we pay and the quality we drink.

How costly water you have drunk so far?

I understood that many sports personality like Virat Kohli or , Christian Ronaldo or many other include Black water in their diet. Those were the costliest I guess, around $25 for a bottle. Those were away from reach for a normal individual, who are happy to satisfy their thirst with a normal drinking water available in shops.

When it comes to drinking water, people always looks outs for rhe purity and filtration. Nobody wants to get ill with impure water. This made the mineral water business a boon in 90's and even today, companies like Bisleri, Aquafina and many others introduced there brands in the market, promising a clean and purre water. Which is good for the health. It is important to understand the quality of water one drinks for better health and wellness. I find these pacakged water easily available in the market at an affordable rate. A very helpful, during journey, as people often avoid to drink any tap or running water outside. They prefer a bottled water which cost around $0.2 [15 INR]. But all the water tastes same to me. Untill I tasted one of the costliest water so far.

This 500 ML aluminium can of water costs me INR 75 (approx $1)

I have seen beer, or beverages or shakes being served in tin can, but never had a water. Those were always in plastic bottles. Buying, this I quickly went on to check in the Google to look for things that makes this water differrnt from other drinking water.

responsible whatr satiates the thirst like no other

The company promises providing the purest form of natural spring water, with amazing natural properties of water. Ensuring natural ph of 7.4, the brand also look after the "Go Green" initiative with beautifully designed, 100% recyclable and environment friendly aluminium cans. I am impressed with the packaging though. A white can , light weight contains pure water.

How it tastes?

Many of my friends, was curious to know how it tasted. yes...I put that on my whatsapp. Me being a wander lust, and been a live free attitude for most of the time. I enjoyed drinking water from anywhere. From taps, handpumps, or even from the free flowing mountain water. It supposed to be a natural sources. The taste happen to be too priceless, sweets, and chilled.
As I was sippjng the costeliest water of my life so far, I was trying to get a similar taste in my mouth, but it was not like the usual water. The sip was diffeerent, and I felt it very light and soft inside. I had two cans but never felt heavy even for a minute.

Quality matters

Responsible Whatr are Non Carbonated Natural Spring Water. 100% natural ph neutral spring water with magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Beautifully canned in 100% recyclable aluminium cans. A perfect alternative to single use plastics. There are no chemicals in the filtration process. The only things that matters is who going to afford them?.

Making water available at such a high price are meant only the higher section of the society. With major of the population falls below that section, it is is hard to see people enjoying the the benefit of natursl spring water. For the time being, having a sip of it, just makes feels better.

How costeliest water you have drunk??


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From $25 to $0.2 there is much difference. Difference of celebrity and common men. By the way, these days water is hot button issue.

Bhai, I am happy tonhave my own well water or Hans pumpnin village, but once I city we need to have a packaged water for cooking and drinking, the supply is not so good sometime.

I never drank water from a can, it must have been a different experience. When I lived in Argentina the water was very bad, the water that came out of the tap, but I couldn't buy it, I drank that and that was it,

Here the water is very good, I don't need to buy it, although most people do. But the most expensive water I ever drank was 1 euro, because I was thirsty and I bought it in the centre, but in big places like supermarkets it costs 1/3 of that!

I grown up using a natural water....even in my hometown, we make use of well or hand pump water...for everything. They are good and Noone faced any issue since ages....but once I am in city, new Delhi, we have this bottled water of 20ltr every day...The water for supply is saline and sometime gets muddy.. not drinkable place matters...this is what makes village a better place.

Definitely the place matters, in Argentina you couldn't even drink it and here it's delicious!

Yes...The taste of water different even for a fraction of meter....we have three hand pumps in approx 200 metre apart and all of them have different tastes.

Unbelievable! Aca water has a lot of minerals but it tastes great!

Zindagi hai hi ameero ki

A common statement, the more money you have the more you will live this life better.

$25 mai hm apna Pura din nikalty hain or wo sirf itny mai Pani peety Hain. Wah Bhai wah😂

One thing...even if you get too much money, u won't get satisfaction unless and untill u have your home cooked food....that is truth....these celebrity spending to maintain their stamina or performance ..May be their habits diets needed them....Apna handpump is the best...purr and sweet.😉

Scam hain bhai..
Instead of finding solutions for purifying the rivers, lakes and other sources. They are busy building business and dumping the wastes in the source.

Rain water harvesting is a solution but so far nobody expects for few have pushed for it. And no real step were taken to replenish the ground water level..

I drank water from the mountain during my vacation in Nainital, and that's when I realised that this is what water should taste like.


I know bhai...even I like drinking water from my well or handpump. They tastes much better. Even in hot summer the well water remain cold....we also use the mud pot during summer for drinking water at home. ... itna v Komal nai banana ki Kiya na Jaye.. comfort really spoils the habit

$25 per bottle for just something thirst!?
These recipes are there actually like the natural water. That far more useful to the body system.

Better not get habitual with duch practiced else our lifestyle get spoiled and unsblevto adapt with changing climate

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