It's Not Dire Enough!

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Well Hello There Hivers!

Before I jump away with this one, I don't really know if this would be befitting in this community but I'm not really trying to write about the situation but rather the thoughts it's making pop up.

Thoughts such as "Where are we heading?"

"Can we keep up with this and still survive?"

Stuff that makes you wonder if tomorrow will really be set in stone for us!

But then again I'm probably going to drift into a freewrite so YEAHHH!

Rather Safe Than Sorry.

I was at work, heck I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday and the boss came to fetch me in the yard underneath a vehicle I was working on. He told me I need to go with his son to their house, there's a fire somewhere in the area and we had to check if the house was in the way or at risk of any flames.

It wasn't which was great!

This fire was behind the hill close to their house moving over and away from their house.


Most people would turn around and leave after they've seen that whatever they own is safe, they won't care one bit for the man next door of him.

Irrelevant now though but we decided to stick around for a little while to see what the flames would do but at this point they had everything semi under control.

As someone who has first hand experience in wild fires I can tell you that this is a constant worry one has to carry with you. The only reason for that is because these fires are started deliberately! Yeah frikkin insane right?

It goes like this.

"Let's protest because we're not getting the education they promised us but when we are protesting let's burn down the school in the process so that we don't have to go back tomorrow.

That's really how the people in my country think. Absurd right? A country where deliberate sabotage is left to go on rampant! It's like we promote terrorism!


A Ruins In Smoke!

This hill on the edge of town can easily represent our country and what's going on in it!

It's still there but burning away at every inch of ground and I'm not talking literally (It is literally happening too!) But what I'm saying is that nothing that needs to be done gets done!

Fix the roads, nah the private sector will do that! I know of a big solar farm outside a small town and they've asked permission to power this town with the solar farm and it was all denied. Well why was it denied if we have a failed electrical grid?
Well that means that people would buy electricity from the solar farm and then it's money not being directed towards the pockets of the corrupt and oh we do have so many corrupts!

The funny part is that they keep making these empty promises to their own people and their own people gets the short end of the stick everytime! Yet here we are with them still in power!

We're in deep with the Russians and the Chinese and heck taking a look at things we might even be in support of a terrorist group that has genocide on the top of their list!



Can We Stoop So Low?

Well can we? It appears so.

See here's the thing, people don't do anything anymore because if someone witnesses these events they'd be too scared to intervene because you never know what weapon they might carry and how many is hidden away in a bush just waiting for someone to try and stop them.

Don't get me wrong I'm victim to that as well! Even though everything in me tells me to stop. So truth be told we do stoop that low and I would admit that shame.

Fortunately no one was injured during this wild fire, although I can't say the same for small animals and critters. Hopefully it was a similar situation than what we had on the farm, we didn't come across anything that was burnt! Nothing at all!

For those wondering our farm is healing wonderfully, I'd almost go as far and say it's much healthier now. Although we have some problems brewing on the side here and that is rain, it's not dire yet but if it doesn't rain some good rain in the next six weeks we might have a small problem on our hands.

For now we take it as it comes!


Dated 02/12/2023

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I don't know how you guys put together a cricket team....

🤣🤣 we sure do! Not to mention Rugby.

But see here's the thing. Cricket and Rugby is like tradition, we have to play and we have to play hard as hell! It's not just sport to these guys it's something more personal!

Anyways, hope you're still doing good your side?

Your thoughts on the situation and the challenges your country is facing are truly reflective of broader concerns. It's unfortunate how deliberate actions contribute to the problems, and the impact on both the environment and people is disheartening. Your personal experience with the wildfire and the struggles your country is going through highlight the complex issues that need attention. It's essential to bring awareness and address these challenges collectively.

Ahhh well I suppose going forward is the only way hey 😃 no use in sitting on it forever. Its still a problem though and hopefully one that will be resolved in the coming yeara 🫰

"Let's protest because we're not getting the education they promised us but when we are protesting let's burn down the school in the process so that we don't have to go back tomorrow."

This makes me think of a song by Pink Floyd called Another Brick in the Wall, and they just keep talking about how "we don't need no education" :D

Jokes aside, I think the best way to combat this mindset is by spreading your knowledge with people who are willing to talk about it and may have not really thought about it before.

Spread the seed of thought, it multiplies faster than people realize, and this may be a better way of exacting change than trying to convince fire starters that it's not the right way to go about it while they're in the act. People like to do what the crowd does (collectively), so if the collective realizes that it's not a good idea then the frequencies of the occurrences will lesson over time. That's what I think anyway.

It's an odd paradox, that through lack of education this mindset takes place, and is an incessant demand to get what would help them make better decisions, like not cutting off your nose to spite your face.