This One Device Takes Up An Average of 4 Hours of My Day

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A tool can be a weapon.png

What tools do you use? What 'weapons' put you in danger?

I wrote about the first item in my challenge 2 days ago: my Fitbit.

The challenge moves onto one item that completely revolutionized the world today. My parents didn't have these devices and I might argue, they are better for it.

My father sits and watches during meals and without the four-inch screen at high volumes. He frequents WhatsApp and Haitian news outlets. Men boisterous with passion on the subject, recount the terrible violations of human rights and corruption in their mother country. They finally arrested the man connected to the recent assassination of the late President Moise.

But the volume doesn't have to be so loud.


The iPhone: One-Sixth of My Day

My iPhone. And if you're like me or my girlfriend, you spend time on it you might otherwise spend doing things important to you. In fact, I may've done something even worse than phone overuse.

I downloaded TikTok. For reasons I cannot explain, I gave into the impulse to use the social media application. It was the suggestion of one friend to even create my content to grow an audience there. Needless to say, I struggle to produce video content on a regular basis. I hardly keep anything going, except for the facade that I am a writer. I might be, but I am not a consistent writer. In any event, let's look at why I spend so much time on my phone each day.

Last week, I spent the most time on Brave, the privacy web browser, Telegram, the messaging app, and X, formerly known as Twitter.

Reducing Distractions Increases Productivity

There's nothing new to report. Risk of Rain 2 is my new obsession at the moment. While I don't even have a job to pay my bills, I am scouring the Wiki for ways to kit the 11 odd characters pitted against an alien planet of hostile species for survival. The escape provided the game sounds bleakly familiar.

While I don't blame neither the game nor my phone for my ability to manage time and make choices, a few months after titles like Paradox of Choice and Atomic Habits shows I might need a refresher.


Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

but do I "invent necessity" for my phone? As I reflect in text, the phone does not immediately help me complete many tasks compared to prior. I can navigate, thanks to it. The problem isn't about directions, though.

I do not perform technical analysis any better on my mobile nor do I read or write. In fact, I watch a lot more less fulfilling content on my phone more than anywhere else, with the exception of TikTok. I can't blame the app for my usage, but in 500 words I review what exactly my phone does for me.

I am able to post on my blog and social media profiles, thanks to it. I can send money, and connect with friends and family. If I'm not doing these things, maybe it's not so important. My research, which could begin with leads from TikTok or the Brave News tabs, might start on my phone.

I still need to learn when to put the phone down. I've heard that shortcuts are thieves of your time, but I wonder, if my phone isn't a shortcut to more problems than solutions.


I need a new system for my phone, and I don't mean operating.

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How much time do you spend on your distractions? What are those distractions and how do you feel about them?


Just delete TikTok, just DO it - now!
You won´t regret. I heard it is indeed a weapon by China to erode the Western civilization. For the Chinese people they have completely other content than the crap shown in the rest of the world.

I had my reasons for never trying the application, but I finally gave in. Have I made a grave mistake?

Depends how you value your time!

Yep. It's so easy to pick it up to avoid doing the necessary things we probably should do...

To progess :)

But also so handy to keep things flowing.

I think awareness is the solution.

Also. You really do write well 👏🏼

You flatter me, really. I put more time and effort into it than most, anyways. It's true that I do it because it invigorates me. Reading your comments of praise are just an added bonus.

Glad to be encouragement for more writing!

Keep doing that then :)


You must be killin' it out here!
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hmm my laptop takes like 10+ hours but i use it to work so ;x idk

Well, it's better you use it for 10+ on some work rather than 3+ hours on I can't even explain what- I was motivated, watched 3 recipes, and learned a new dance.

oh then lets add maybe 16 hours cuz i prob got like 6 hours of gaming lol fuqqqqqqq haha so no worries. its like 6 hours ombination of gaming, anime , youtube etc that arent work oof. but thats good tho the recipe and dance

There are even times when I want to work and make money but applications like TikTok will just take my whole time
Now, I make use of focus mode to be able to balance them up together

TikTok, I vow to use only for my research and leads. For instance, I did save several recipes that appetize me. I don't have most of those ingredients, so maybe it's not entirely a good thing...

I think we are on the same page. Also I spent hours on my phone daily and which might not be good

Depends on how you value your time!

Such a simple way to describe it- I should really reflect on whether or not I'm happy spending that much time on a device instead of what I care about.

Seriously, why does the phone have to be so loud for every video? That shit drives me nuts at the firehouse.