Reflections: What's normal? A different perspective.

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Hello again!

Another blog about selfactualization, self help and selfsabotage.
This time I want write about my process 'what's normal for me, doesn´t have te be normal for you' (surely there would follow a few more about this subject).

All in the experience about my new 'work', opening my practice. The most common thing to do if you start something new or opening a shop, organisation. Is making a business plan, writing about the goals, the targeting group, you substantiate your business and so on...

Well this guy, me. I didn´t do such thing. Why would I? If you feel ill you go to a doctor, right? So why would I need to make such plan. It all seems so logical (my mind does work the other way around).


As I do a lot of self research, self study, finding people who could support me or help me to undo a lot of believes about my self. To remember who my true self is. I am not thinking about such thing, writing a plan and my targeting group. I am just doing it and more or less I do expect that from somebody else as well or I find it logical that someone else is doing that as well.

What's normal for me, isn't necessary normal for you. My ego thinks a lot and says a lot, with the result of self-sabotaging, less empathy and understanding. It just doesn´t come to my mind, that somebody else does it different or need some extra invitation.

The paradox; Sometimes I do need to know what the other thinks or does and sometimes I do need that extra hand. Instead of asking, I expect that the other knows me and knows my feelings. (LIKE HUH they don´t?!) Do I need to explaing myself again (EGO), time to change shoes..

The past few weeks I got invited to think and feel about who I want to serve, who are going to be my clients (I do prefer the term - fellow-travelers).

Who is my fellow-traveler in the experience of becoming more self-aware and discovering the true self? Why do you need to visit me, why do you have to experience a session with me? And how do I explain in a few words what I do.


Since last year May I am financial supported by a donation system. A system maintained by enterperneurs, bussiness owners and freelancers. I am very gratefull for this organisation and I want to do something in return. A logical step would be offering a discount or a donation based session at Motivation Monk.

To do the announcement I have to make clear what I am doing and who I am excpecting (targeting). This put me in the proces of shifting shoes, changing my perspective.


Instead of listening to my EGO... It's thinking "why do I need to lower myself"... That's not a very helpful thought and certainly not one which could bring me my fellow-traveler. I am not ignoring my ego, I am putting myself in the place of a fellow-traveler. Why would I go to this guy? What does he do, that can support me in my journey? Or some questions I asked myself.

So yeah. I was writing an email. About what I do and before I knew I wrote a business plan with a targeting group. Besides the financial plan. I will leave that to abundance and acting on my highest possible vibration, although I have to be realistic as well, but I am not going to think in problems (No not bypassing!).

Having this invitation, helped me to see it from a different perspective and make it more concrete for my self and for the other.


In the end what I want to give you (and I should listen more to myself). What is normal for me, doesn´t have to be normal for you. Just place yourself in the shoes of the other and have a look from that perspective. It surely would make your (inner) world bigger and you could love yourself more as well :-)

On my blog at Motivation Monk, I'll write why you should come over or get into contact with me :-)

Thank you for reading and your time!


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