Follow The Tipster - Monday, 24th July, 2023

Hello again one and all,

Just a quick post today, I'm playing catch up with my stats spreadsheet after a few days away, and with the wash-out of two meetings yesterday because of the downpours not much to report results wise.

The new week kicks off with four surviving meetings today. Cartmel was due to start the procedings at 2:10pm, but the weather has raised its ugly head and caused that meeting to be abandoned. No impact on the band of Napsters, however, as it seems none had a pick there for today, most likely as the abondonment was announced yesterday.


No. of Tipsters
1 Winner2
2 Winners6
3 Winners10
4 Winners8
5 Winners8
6 Winners6
7 Winners4
8 Winners3
9 Winners3
10 Winners4

All tipsters have achieved at least one winner this month, whilst a band of four tops the table with an impressive 10 winners, at strike rates above 40.00%.

Tipsters Standing

Both Rob Wright's and West Country have floundered in recent days, although Rob did find a winner in yesterdays remaining meetings. The form tipster however. with a 2 day winning run is Racing Post's Spotlight. He is currently in joint third on the table with 8 winners this month.


Today's Bets

Although four tipsters are at the top of the table, Mercury's selection Dorothy Lawrence in the 3:05pm at Ayr is an outrageously short priced favourite (currently 1-4) that I've decided that the reward for a win just isn't worth the outlay on this occassion. You can also see in the screenshot of my betslips, how this particular bookie potentially punishes punters with their cash-out policy. Even before the race starts if you spot you have made a mistake in the bet, you get robbed of some of you're stake if you wish to correct that mistake. Thus with this bookie I always triple check everything before clicking "place bet". None of my other accounts is this underhanded with their cashouts - but thats corporate greed for you.

Cheeky Extra Bet

None today

And finally...

That about wraps it up for another day,

Hope you all have a great day and rest of the week, and hope you find some success in your day, whether that be in the sports world or otherwise. And as usual if you follow the picks or go against them let me know, you never know there may be a reward coming your way with some SPORTS tokens.

Until tomorrow




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