Become an expert at how Splinterlands Markets work - by knowing how they tick.

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Understand how Splinterlands API works
How peakmonsters processes that
How bid interact with that data

And why sometimes things seem a bit strange with prices.
You will know exactly what's going on and be able to explain to other people after watching this video

I also brainstorm a few options for helping users to better navigate this world where cards are bought in seconds and seconds can mean the difference between getting the card or not.

I've been informed this is not the most time intensive product we've done for peakmonsters and also if we moved to 1 day it would not directlydouble our RC costs so that's good news.


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save it for later watch!
Thanks for the work on peakmonster!
keep changing the splinterlands!

Thank you very much for the information, very informative post!! By the way I am also creating content for new players giving some advices to survive them in the jungle. Any help would be welcome! Take care!


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