Winners of PKM Content Creation Contest

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A lot of great entries to the content contest that we announced two months ago. This promotion was ran mainly to help us spread the word to the Splinterlands community on how PeakMonsters users utilize the platform and to help educate more Splinterlands players about the various features that the PeakMonsters website has.

If you'd like to see the entries, you may access the collection here.

There were a total of 33 entries, and here are the top 5 posts that stood out the most that will be winning 1,000 PKM each on top of the other rewards in their post. Check them out below!!




In this post, @legalizabrazil talked about why he thinks PeakMonsters is the best marketplace of Splinterlands and how he uses the platform in almost all the activites that he has to do in the game. This is a must read post to see how you can utilize PeakMonsters for your Collection Management, Buying and Renting Cards, Tracking Rewards, and Splinterlands Statistics. On top of the great content, this post was written in two languages!

The formatting and gifs in the post are pretty cool too 😉

New updates in "Peakmonsters" | Benefits for "Premium" users [EN-ES]


In the past month, we've released a huge update on PeakMonsters. This update is mainly focused on the Premium features that we have for PeakMonsters users. In this bilingual detailed post, @lenonmc21 shared an in depth breakdown on the several premium features and his opinion about these features.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started With PeakMonsters


Written by a regular author of PeakMonsters guides and the two-time winner of this contest, @cimmeron, an easy to understand guide on how you can start using PeakMonsters. Cimmeron went through various sections of the website and focused on how you can Login, different tabs that you can find on the home page, Resource Credits, and important things that you can find on the Settings Menu.

A Day in the Life of PeakMonsters User


Great post by @boboman that gives us a closer look on how he uses PeakMonsters on his daily Splinterlands grind. This post is mainly focused on Renting cards and renting out cards. Perfect for users that are on a budget that are still on their way to build up their own collection or those that would love to try cards first before buying them!

Tips and Tricks for My Cards Page on PeakMonsters


Lastly, we have a post again by @cimmeron! One of the rarely talked about, but a powerful page in managing your collections is the PeakMonsters My Cards page. @cimmeron gave us a lot of tips on how we can utilize better the My Cards page, and highlighted some features such as: View Modes, Comparing Rentals, CSV Export, Refresh, Checking of Expiring Rentals, and Filters. A must-read post for all Splinterlands players, especially for those with huge collection!

Thank you all for participating in the contest and for supporting PeakMonsters. Keep in mind that we will continue supporting PeakMonsters content as we have been supporting them during the contest period and prior to that. Feel free to use the #peakmonsters topic-tag, share it on our discord, and tag @peak-monsters on all your PeakMonsters related Hive content.


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Thank you very much, I'm glad to be able to bring value to the community and that many relate to the best platform to get into the ecosystem of "Splinterlands".

Thanks again for picking my post and appreciate the team for always trying to make PeakMonsters the go to site for all Splinterlands users!