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Well let's test this out
the user @doloknight reported this


I've also been getting this issue and not sure why it's happening. Is it because of bids or rentals outstanding? cc @asgarth

No, it's because credit purchase are confirmed with a custom_json transaction. So the max allowed card is 40 instead of 45 (allowed with a standard transfer).

thanks for the heads up

From the peakmonster.com profile, tab Credits. Columns headings: TRX ID, Date, Type, Amount, Memo, Noterenting history, 2020-07-05, peakmonsters.com

Renting contract f6cd566ebb633ee25f0d9d9395a36a366cf7faf6+8 never corrected from 0 amount daily from the day it was opened. Meaning the rentee is not paying for using rented card and the card is on 7 days cool down not possible to be rented sooner.

Renting contract 05abfcb2c190f229211d9366272e44bb09f886d9+1 is again happening, this time another rentee. Rentee is clearly planning not to pay for renting the card, also the card was immediatelly used in a battle and the card is on 7 days cool down not possible to be rented sooner.

Clearly problem is at peakmonster.com and I need to ask why are such renting contracts allowed at all? Also, is it not logical that in such situations rentees would need to pay minimum 0.001 HBD disregarding HBD market value in USD?

Problem is also that renters cannot walk away from peakmonsters.com and need to monitor what is happening when new contract gets opened.

Days passing by, @Peakmonsters dead now?

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same card BUY PRICE after a few seconds:


and you dont know that real buy price is :( with the other cards I see the same thing. Fix this bugs.

listing bulk cards for sale. It is dropping my resource credits but not actually listing cards.

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