How to use the New Rentals System for Splinterlands Cards (VIDEO)

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Authored by @jarvie

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  • This is built on a decentralized protocol by Splinterlands developers
  • Presently and have an interface
  • Splinterlands is one card at a time with no tools
  • PeakMonsters has a ton of time saving and educative features
  • Expect prices to be much more fluid


  • It uses in-game DEC tokens or Splinterlands credits
  • Rentals are paid every 24hr
  • They are 24hr unbreakable delegations
  • Renters can store additional DEC in an escrow and IF rental remains active the protocol will pay every 24hrs
  • 5% goes to whatever interface you use to pay for the rental.
  • Minimum rental is 0.1 DEC/day


Splinterlands has only the very very basics and with that understanding decided to build a system to help renters... it is expected to not make us much money, but it helps our users and we hope you'll stay and use the BUY MARKET


  • List/unlist 1400 cards at a time
  • See a comparative pricing feature called yROA%
  • Helpers to set pricing in bulk
  • Lots of filters
  • See how much you're making
  • Find and select your unlisted cards fast



  • One click add to cart
  • Rent up to 150 cards at a time (full deck)
  • Level filters
  • Other filters to find the cards you want
  • See a comparative pricing feature called yROA%
  • Sort by daily rental price (find cheap rentals)
  • Show you which cards you already rent or own
  • Save and filter by favorites


I give a run down of how to list cards
How to rent cards including lots of tips to find best cards

  • Old rental system is done.
  • All cards listed under that system are automatically unlisted.
  • All active contracts are still active until either they expire or one of the two parties ends them early.
  • If you are done renting please remove your (hive/hbd/steem/sbd) from the account as soon as you can

Fantastic system. I am already using it extensively.

I can't see how you can see the total amount you are earning and stats like percentage of cards rented, highest ROI etc.

Please post video on 3Speak and LBRY.

I don't like bringing evil Google into Holy Hive - it defiles whatever it touches. shows your total rented and total listed.


Thanks. I’m obviously going blind!

Actually I'm not blind. I reloaded the page and there it was!

Here is the video maybe we'll share this link more often as well

Wow! I put up a lot of cards for rent on the @jpbliberty account and more than 50% by value are rented within 24 hours!

Very cool. Just watched and put mine up for rent. Thanks!

All I can say is... "Wow." I see where this is going and I love the fact it's making renting very simple for the card owner and the renter. This is incredibly important moving forward for the game and you guys at peakmonsters are knocking this out of the park. Keep the advancements coming this will be a major catalyst for ongoing growth in the game as card prices keep rising without question.

Awesome work! I Love this, great job!~@clove71

if it isn't already in the works, i'd appreciate it as an owner if i could adjust my rental prices on cards without having to click the 'stop renting' button first. it just saves a few clicks but i do adjust alot, so it would do wonders for me.

truth be told, while being able to list bulk cards all at once is a wonderful and much needed feature, after playing with it, i realise i'm most effective when manually tweaking prices on individual cards.

even so, the tools you guys provide are super helpful for my own analysis so of course i'm very happy to keep using the peakmonsters frontend :)

It's in the works. We started with listing first as that was the basis... but we'll do change price.

Awesome news. @chekohler you better check this out.

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