PeakMonsters: Create a dashboard to view and interact with community proposal suggestions

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We have created a site for Splinterlands community proposals:


  • This is the first qualified proposal from the community. (Aka 100,000 DEC burned)
  • We are looking for a reward for the work done today to make it happen. (Though it be a token reward)
  • We see this proposal as a proof of concept test to demonstrate that funds actually come from the DAO to pay for the will of the stakeholders...
  • ... AND that it shows that there is a mechanism to fund work outside of the Splinterlands team.

Thus we are requesting that the SPS stakeholders fund the work we have done to benefit the Splinterlands community.

We are asking for 1 SPS be given to support the work done so far on


  • This project was started almost immediately after the splinterlands post written 7hrs ago
  • Shows number of votes and SPS stakeholder value.
  • This page took a few hours of work including some solutions to get the API data needed to show the stakeholder power of the SPS voters while also limiting the impact on the Splinterlands servers.
  • We have a table approach with all the comparable data for each of the proposals and then a link to another site we have already created where the proposals can live on the Hive blockchain:
  • Added the ability to vote up and down the proposals from within the site.
    These onsite votes will trigger a hive vote of 100% or -1%. You can alter them on

There was an incentive in the Splinterlands post to create this site...

We are large stakeholders in the game and would like to see such a site exist and also we are used to creating tons and tons of tools for the users over the last 4years.

At first we considered a larger amount but our team is very efficient and the work wasn't enough to demand it and it is more valuable as a way to demonstrate the capacity of the proposal mechanism. Perhaps we'll have other longer projects that benefit the community that will be enabled because of the potential success of this proposal.


  • Filter out invalid posts (those that have not paid 100k dec)

We are happy to add any comparable datapoints to the page... please let us know.


PeakMonsters and Splinterlands links:

Other Social Media accounts:



When you make a proposal make sure you do the following for the system to pick it up:

  • Send 100,000 dec to @null from splinterlands wallet
  • Put txid first line
  • put spsproposal as a tag in the post

Bonus points if you use an explorer link
USE for a link
... Splinterlands post says hiveblocks but that is an old explorer that we do not suggest people use because it is an old mostly out of date explorer that doesn't verify second layer transactions so it can provide false info. is also open source and is not a dead project like hiveblocks.

Sounds like a plan to me, Peakmonsters already makes everything else easier why not this too

You guys! Seriously, I did not expect a finished proposal page so quickly. I know why I use Peakmonsters for ALL my card buys. You deserve it. 😍

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺And expect the @curation-cartel soontm


Peakmonsters and their team never cease to amaze, and never fail to deliver. It comes as no surprise that they are leading the way with the community driven proposals. Keep up the good work!

That is a nifty proposal system you have managed to create.


@peakmonsters @jarvie This proposal has passed with 98% of the vote.

As per the terms of the proposal, the Dao has already sent 1 SPS to peakmonsters:

Very happy to see the first ever community proposal! Great things to come

I will fully support this proposal and hope you receive the specified payment. Well done! (just between you and me, I would have asked for double the amount of SPS you asked for.)

read and voted yes to proposal 👍

I would suggest moving "The Ask" section up earlier (before Things To Know and right after Proposal Payment).

If I am reading this correctly, if this vote passes the Dao will just pay 1 SPS to Peakmonsters, right? There is a lot of additional explanation and context that is provided in the post which is fine, but that makes it a little confusing regarding whether there are any additional components of the proposal that one would be voting for.

wow, great work Jarvie and Asgarth! I will vote yes to it when the proposal is live!

Great work! I like there is a place we as the community can come to look at and vote upon future proposals.

I was wondering if you are planning to include on the dashboard some kind of notification if the proposal has been changed since it was originally published to the blockchain.

Your team is trustworthy so I don't see you doing something like this, but you could propose the 1 SPS reward today await for a lot of us to vote in favor then change it to 10,000 SPS after 6 days.

We can do that and maybe show the last modified date of the proposal (post).

Anyway if it happens the proposal will be invalidated by the Splinterlands team as this is forbidden according to the rules they published in their post.

Nice addition. Thanks!


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This already exists on to an extent


You would need to check to see what was changed i'm guessing to see what was changed. I suppose maybe we could add a link to the blockchain somewhere on

As for ours we edited:

  • The proper URL for the proposal page.
  • Then changed a feature from a TO DO to a DONE.

Do I upvote with my account that has the most HP or the one that has the most SPS powered up? Confused.

Only SPS power counts

This is correct... your HP doesn't matter at all.

Also it doesn't matter how many votes this proposal gets... it just matters the Staked SPS the accounts have that have voted on it.

For proposals staked SPS is what counts.


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you guys are wizards!

hey. i vote now 😄

Amazing @peakmonsters ! Voted :)

@peakmonsters - can you add a field to your dashboard that shows if the 5% of total Stake SPS is hit and how close it is to being hit? (ie - how close the votes are to being valid?)

It's this one. Maybe we have to add a green checkmark or something like that to make it easier to understand?


Ahh gotcha - that makes sense.

Yeah, a Checkmark might be useful there. Also an X if it's not been reached yet.

I wonder if the word "Quorum" might be better there instead of Approved as well - there is technically a chance that the community votes in at a quorum level to specifically block a preproposal (though I don't know how likely that is... since it'd still just go to a Proposal vote) - the 5% of total staked SPS is the Quorum required for the vote to be deemed valid (whatever the outcome of the vote).

Separately there's the actual vote in favor or not.

I worked up a quick idea for how you might display this:

proposal mockup.png

Let me know what you think @asgarth :)

Yep, looks great 👍

Thank you for participating in SPS DAO Governance @peakmonsters!
You can place or monitor SPS Stake Weighted votes for and against this proposal at the link below:
Link to this Pre-Proposal

This Pre-Proposal is over!
765 Users voted with 12% of the staked SPS supply at that time!

Updated At: 2023-01-18 22:18 UTC


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This is a very valuable contribution! @peakmonsters should have asked for 100K DEC or equivalent in SPS to cover up the testing cost.

This is awesome! Good job guys :)

Yes, yes, and yes. Love this. Thank you for the hard work and for being so community minded.

This will be much easier than current scenario in the game. We can read the proposal without leaving voting page.



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