Sponsoring Renters & Raising our general bid to 15% above burn

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First a quick word about rentals

  • It's been going pretty smoothly... almost 13k cards are presently being rented.
  • Each day we have made more small improvements to the site.
  • Keep checking in and refreshing the page at least once a day so that the new updates are active.

peak-cover (16).png



PeakMonsters account is increasing all our bids to be 15% above burn value.
We went from 4%-8% and now 15%.
That will rarely put us at the top of the list for bids but at least our bids are huge and can handle a lot of volume.

You can see we still process a ton of bids for users and we rarely have any of our own trigger and even at 15% we may still not but it's nice to move the guaranteed floor up a bit


We want to sponsor players who will write good content about their experience using rental system or other social media like twitch or youtube.

  1. @peakd account will be voting on posts into this community that talk about rental experiences. And @peakmonsters account will give out some tips to the best posts as well. (@peakd Vote is presently worth $4)
  2. Also a more formal sponsorship where we will pay for your rentals if you a good idea you want to try involving rentals just let us know.
  3. We're presently testing out paying for rentals to our guild members for brawls.

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Jump to 15% above burn, multiplied by increase in DEC value! Make for a pretty substantial jump in floor value for all the cards in the game.

Wow, this keeps getting better and better 😀

I love the BID system but in hte last days I'm having some problems because I can't bid any cards, and even without any bids made, I always get this error "You don't have enough DEC to place this bid at your current tier". I'm I the only one with this problem?

Any help would be welcome.

Thx and good games and cards for all