New Set of LP Rewards Starting in 25 Days

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Starting another reward pool in 25 days

Fair warning, the LP rewards pool ends in ~25 days and we'll start another reward pool for the PKM:SPS pool.
Fair Warning because the actions we'll do for the next pool may have an impact on PKM prices... but that's up to you and the rest of the market.

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Current PKM:SPS Rewards

We already have over 70k SPS and a decent chunk of vouchers set aside. But most importantly, there is presently 9.6M DEC in the @pkm-rewards account, which as custodians of that and based on community feedback we'll be converting most of that to PKM tokens to pair with the SPS, to be added back into the rewards pool for next session of the reward pool.
Note the SPS number includes some tokens from @pkm-team4 which will be adding all SPS over 500k and all vouchers to the reward pool.

So take that for what it's worth.

Working on a new premium product

Also, we have a new premium product that we believe many will want to use and we will be creating a monthly paid PKM premium package that will give users benefits of all our premium features. The cost will be discounted when purchased in PKM, and the PKM will be burned to begin with.. with the option to be added to the LP pool at some later date, but the PKM will not go to PeakMonsters itself.

More details about our new premium product and the PKM premium package will be published in another post on a later date.

We shall leave that up to you and the rest of the market but as a quick recap of what PeakMonsters will be doing... there will be a good part of 9.6 million DEC used to purchase PKM and PKM will soon have another utility which will remove PKM from circulation.


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Competition with card sales / 3rd party services is certainly heating up, good to hear plans of progression. Looking forward to the premium paid package!

I have been stacking PKM Tokens for awhile and I'm eagerly waiting for more utility to the Token. I'm very curious what your premium package will bring to the splinterlands community.

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Just dropping by to let you know that the second edition is just around the corner, hopefully you'll join once again!


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since PKM is limited, have you considered instead of 'burning' the pkm, to just add it back to undistributed pkm to make the airdrop last longer?