Update on PKM Large Purchase Bonus - 30 Minute timer

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Tracking 30 minutes of purchases instead of a single transaction.

This will start Dec 13th 2022 please share your feedback including any objections here or discord

In the past, the PKM airdrop from large purchase bonus was based on a single blockchain transaction. This has limited some PeakMonsters users in maximizing their PKM airdrop rewards as for some large batch of card purchases or lots of bids in a row, the number of transactions cast in the blockchain is more than one. Hence, making the USD amount for each single transaction divided as well. Another reason why this has prevented users in maximizing their PKM rewards is that for some good deals in the market, you would want to complete your purchase asap as some buyers might get it first. This means that you won't have as much time in filling up your cart to maximize the PKM rewards.


Large Purchase Bonus prior to the change


To address this, we have decided to introduce a change on how PKM Large Purchase Bonus works. Instead of basing it off a single transaction, the USD amount in a "large purchase bonus" is based on the cumulative transactions in a 30 minute window.



To better illustrate the change, here is a step by step on how it will work.

How it will work:

  1. PeakMonsters user do an order
  2. A 30 minute timer is started
  3. After ~30 minutes we process the airdrop
  4. We collect all your orders between 1 and 3, then the total amount will be used for the airdrop

Note that there will be a slight delay in the distribution of PKM upon introducing this change. I'm sure users won't be complaining with the huge benefit coming from introducing this change 😉

There you go! We hope that you'll love this change and you get to maximize the bonus that you get from PKM airdrops even more. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Unless there are serious concerns from the community we will start this on Tuesday Dec 13th


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This nicely matches my sporadic-random-drunken-sailor-spending-spree buying style.

Great update, thank you for adding this. This exact scenario happened to me last night.

I went to look for deals on GF legendary reward cards and found a fully maxed Oshannus for $90. I put the card in my cart and went to look for another $10 worth of cards to receive the $100 PKM bonus and ofc in the 2 mins it took me to find another $10 of value the Oshannus had been purchased.

I've always thought something like this would be better when buying low value cards in bulk. my question is this: Do 2nd, 3rd and 4th timers etc. start on each transaction and countfor 30 minutes as well? or how do you determine which transaction the next 30 minute window starts on?

When the first 30 minute timer ends and the PKM is distributed then the next purchase will start a new 30 minute timer.

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