Picture A Day || The Reflections We Face

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A mirrored version of yourself smiles back as you gaze into any reflective surface. As do other things shine back on these shiny and sometime transparent canvases. Below the surface lies the earth while above sits the sky, the sun, the air we breath. All combined in the properties of the glimmering of the creek, darkened by the residue of nature itself. As we life our live and move forward, we often need to face our reflections. That doesn't mean we have to fear them, or avoid them. Because however it appears it can always be combined with what's below the surface and reality at hand, rendering our fears irrelevant.


This picture was taken by me with a OnePlus 8T and was not manually edited by me. What the camera software on smartphones does nowadays is another point. It was taken this weekend while on vacation to a not so far remote forest area in Suriname.

What do you see in the image? Can you face your reflections?

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That’s some rich red ass dirt in that creek. 🦀

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Yeah, the water gets its brown-reddish color (and even darker when the creek is deeper) from the leaves, branches and roots that fall in it.