a snow filled marshland

in Picture A Day3 months ago


Another one I captured earlier this week, this time with the Pixel 7 Pro. Clouds, ice, water, green, orange, and winter in Wisconsin...what's not to photograph? Yeah the cold isn't fun, but the views still pay off from time to time!


This looks cold. We're still clinging to a bit of warmth in the west coast. Those are great details and colours. I have the Pixel 7, so I wonder if there's a lot of difference between its camera and that in the pro version. I keep kicking myself for not getting the pro.

are you going to get the 8? I'm going to hold off a bit again

I'm happy with the 7 right now, so I'll hold off. Plus I gave it a beauty mark the first day I bought it, so that's probably a loss of value in case I want to trade in. 😑