Sea happiness


The coast. A photo especially useful today when it is so cold, gloomy and rainy. At least in some parts of Europe.
It's nice to have such saving pictures handy, isn't it.😉
A photo from the southern Black Sea, a hidden fairy village that saves you every time you go on vacation there.

Copyright: @soulsdetour

Hive.jpgSoul's Detour is a project started by me years ago when I had a blog about historical and not so popular tourist destinations in Eastern Belgium, West Germany and Luxembourg. Nowadays, this blog no longer exists, but I'm still here - passionate about architecture, art and mysteries and eager to share my discoveries and point of view with you.

Such places have a soul that is almost visible ;)

Yes! And that's exactly why they're so appealing to people, I'm sure. Until now I have wondered how to explain their influence. But here it is 😊