Behind the camera

in Croatia4 years ago

Oleg 1.jpg
My standard position is in 99% of cases behind the camera, only in rare moments I find myself in the frame. This photo is one of those :)
My fellow photographer caught the moment me shooting on a hot summer day full of dust promotional video for professional crane mowers.
More about it you can find here on the company website

Sometimes I have to hide in the bush and grass and sometime I have to climb :)


This kind of field work fulfills me and makes me happy, I really love my job!


Does the Rasco company knows that you are promoting them so well. 😉 😀

Hahaa, hope they do know :)

That is one COOL photo! I love seeing behind the scenes stuff. It brings it home that there is still a human that is capturing the moment.
Very nice share!

Thank you, I am filming for many years now and this is one of few photos proving it :)

Cool .... I like this first photo :) it is cool in black and white :)

Yeah, I like it also :)

Find more if you can ... soon you can do some cool art book :)