July 2020 Payout to Delegators Through Power Up

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Hi everyone!

Sincere apologies for not being so active posting on the HIVE; but know that this account is never silent as far as supporting community content, and making sure that delegated HP are not in idle.


So far we are excited that we have 2 extra new delegators (@robmojo and @kickstarter) joining the team since end of June for this month, and this have really helped support good content primarily for community #teammalaysia so far; but this account will definitely be expanding its support when there's enough time on other communities, and those that caught the attention will have a comment placed with a 100% upvote for the content, even though this account is still growing slowly.


Today this is the last dividend dispensed via power up for the month of July, delegators will receive as usual the 0.001HIVE message informing that their dividend have been dispersed via Power up.

That being said, the transition between blockchains of Steem curation rewards dividend to Hive Power is still running; and sometimes even higher but we will definitely automatically convert all the curation rewards received from Steem Power to Hive Power based on the conversion of the day from Steem to USD value (cut off to 2 decimal) , and closest USD value to HIVE Power (cut off to 3 decimal).

So for those who have tiny bits of SP left at the other side and would like to make sure their tiny bit power left be of good use for receiving HP instead at least once a week supporting good writers who are still there, feel free to delegate via Steemworld.org that is easy to delegate even as small as 10 SP. But the more people chip in the power, the smaller the % of the dividend every time curation rewards is collected.

Plan for August - In hope of Speeding up the curation rewards

By looking out for near mature content but still underpaid for its value

There are still plenty of great writers out there, where some of them have their very unique niche that others may not appreciate. During this long weekend in the celebration of Aidil Adha for Malaysia, I will have more time to skim through other communities and see if there are some underdogs that need a tiny bit of encouragement.

No future thoughts for D.S.E.S?

There is, actually, but I am still struggling getting key words to deliver what I really want for the system as most of the people here in the HIVE are actually non business entities, there are plans of further introducing business entities with CSR projects in mind to join the HIVE and share their journey doing good for others.

@capduagajah has strived through silently and finally with the collaboration with @gtpjfoodbank with their newsletters and also the brief contest collaborations with @qurator and @foodiesunite before HIVE was created, their product is finally being seen and we hope that this is a good starting point for their 30 years business will rise from the ashes of almost eliminated by competitors, local and also neighboring countries.

And speaking of future thoughts, looking at things are starting to stable in the real world, there is a need of learning new things again, including being a total n00b on how to understand blockchain UI programming in order to do exactly what I need it so that it will be super useful for businesses and HIVE community in the future.

So far none of the dapps facility is what exactly I needed. There are bits and pieces that is useful for some, but not on others, moreover they are not Android / iOS compatible except the widely used @ecency; which is still bias towards users and not small business owners just yet.

Anyone who read this and is a coder and is very curious what is needed but is willing to work along for free please do contact @littlenewthings at discord for further details 😅

Either way, I got really rearrange my time and priorities before even embarking what I personally see is potential for the HIVE blockchain.

(Sorry for keeping you guys in suspense)

Until then

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses , Decentralised Sustainable EcoSystem, initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.


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Dear @dses

I've just noticed that you downvotedour Project.Hope recent post on HIVE and I was wondering ... what could be the cause of your downvote?

Did I upset you in any way? I simply cannot recall any confrontation between us.

This is post downvoted by you:https://hive.blog/hive-175254/@project.hope/i-would-love-to-announce-that-our-project-hope-core-team-is-expanding

ps. Is there any way to reach out to you? Would you use discord or telegram by any chance?

Hope to hear from you,
Yours, Piotr
@project.hope founder

hi @crypto.piotr, this account is also trailing a curating moderator from original witnesses, that usually downvotes plagiarism or fake news. Probably one of the accounts this account trailed triggered a downvote. Let me double check.

Thanks for getting back to me @dses