Prayer Request for a Little Warrior

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I was thinking of posting other things today,

But this becomes priority


Meet this little princess my friend Jorei's new born. She was born on Wednesday but we got to know she was a little blue-ish.

Some kids were born blue due to lack of oxygen during mommy's intensive labour.

I know, apparently I was born blue too; and I am still standing strong and trod 7 cities in 3 weeks before.

But when we heard about her being in ICU suddenly and due to her lungs were not functioning per normal and was lack of Oxygen, prayer request movement is necessary!

If you would like to pray along with me, that his little princess will

  • battle through bravely and her little lungs will function as per normal and grows stronger

  • That she will be able to move to normal nursery tonight and be in the arms of her mommy and daddy.
    We prayed for her since yesterday and she finally had some positive response to the treatment, we got this picture outside the ICU where she's still protected, in the caring arms of nurses there, through a protective glass. Mommy and daddy can't touch her yet until she's much stronger.

  • Her jaundice effect will recover soon from the special photo-therapy since she is unable to go under the morning sun just yet for natural vitamin D.

We yet know of her name; but I know she's a true South East Asian warrior born with dual citizenship Malaysia and Philippines and already battling through since birth; I know God has big plans upon her.

We are all looking forward to see her soon when she's safely in the normal ward; I know the whole choir of big brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, grandpas and grandmas would welcome her with open arms.

Until then

Thank You for Your Time

And in advance for your love and prayers for her


Time sure flies! I am "3 years old" now! haha


Oh gosh! Praying for this little angel will have strong lungs very soon!

No wonder you were not free to pick up the call.

Best regards,
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