Breath in the colours of the forest

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Colours colours everywhere

I brought my eldest son for a walk in a local forest today and captured some photos of some of the plants we encountered on our walk. It personifies our amazing nature that we are so lucky to enjoy.

We are blessed to have nature all around us here in the West of Ireland and you'll see it here in these photos. It had just stopped raining, which gives a lovely gloss to some of the photos, none of which are edited by the way. My photos are always exactly as they are captured on my trusty Samsung smart phone.

Nature is alive with contrasts and the forest floor where no light gets to isbin stark contrast to the parts that are drenched by the sun, allowing photosynthesis and colour to thrive.









The light pours through the canopy

Looking up was an absolute treat. The photos fail to properly capture it, but they give you an idea of the treescape. I love light and although parts of the forest floor are starved of light here, the light that gets through here is gorgeous.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, I couldn't have said it better myself. Rest easy my friend.




The lush undergrowth

There was a gap in the overhead canopy where light was allowed through and this lush little mini jungle was allowed to thrive between the shadows of the Spruce and pine trees.

I guess this is a symbol of what can happen when we shine the light of human kindness on someone who really needs it. Remember that your words, your kindness, your understanding, your decency and honesty can be that light in someone's darkness. Be that light. Give people the benefit of the doubt, smile more freely, forgive, forget, live, love, dance and laugh and when you get time walk in nature with your senses fully open. I guarantee you that you'll feel better afterwards.








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Great post @ablaze .. iI really like the view up into the trees, that's a really nice contrast between the dark looking branches and the enlightened sky ^^ .. Nice quote from Dr. King by the way 😉

Thanks a lot man, ya know the view up was amazing. The pictures don't even fully capture it either.

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Nice one, thanks for the kind words and support

No worries it's my pleasure I wish I could support you more 🤝