Amazing Nature Contest - August 2021 - #05. This post is a contest entry

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A forest road that leads us into the beauty of a summer landscape.
I just want to quickly enter the forest to plunge into this beauty.
Nature gives us amazing moments of beauty from the very morning.


The day in the morning was sunny and so quiet, around the sound.
We simply could not believe that we were in the forest and in nature.
There were only the quiet sounds of some birds whispering?


This pine forest gives us not only amazing beauty, but also fresh air.
An air that smells like resin, fresh herbs and flower aromas.
Here in the forest, as if you find yourself in a fairy tale in nature.


Summer landscape, where there is a young birch forest in the photo.
We see beautiful forest and sunny glades in front of us.
You just want to run barefoot on the grass to feel the forest base.


When you enter such a pine forest, you feel some kind of mystery.
The trees (pines) are so tall that they seem to reach the clouds.
A forest of pleasant green color, where autumn has not yet arrived.


People walk in the pine forest, apparently looking for mushrooms?
Here, in the pine forest, there are always many Maslyat mushrooms.
So that empty - no one leaves this forest without mushrooms.


The beauty of the birch forest provided us with a landscape in nature.
A new summer landscape so that we can enjoy its beauty.
For any photographer, this is real work and creativity.


As an addition to the beauty of the landscape and nature, we see.
In this photo - the sky, clouds and forest, where we are.
You look at this photo and you realize that this is a real painting.


The tenderness and trepidation of a landscape with young birches.
But ahead of nature, autumn awaits and the landscape will change.
And so quickly that in 2-3 weeks the nature will be painted with gold.


Amazing Nature Contest - August 2021 - #05


Summer, August. Photo from the genre - Landscape. Life in the countryside outside the city. In all the photographs we can clearly see how beautiful the summer landscapes are. Arriving or coming to the forest - we see exactly that beauty when the forest turns green and the birch trees are covered with foliage. Before us are moments (even in these photos) when nature wakes up after a long and frosty winter. Each of us is watching another natural and beautiful performance. You can also come across a wonderful landscape at every step, which is so beautiful only in summer. The impression from all these amazing moments of the beauty of nature is fantastic. And when you see all this, then joy and inspiration from the beauty of nature that is in front of you appears in your soul. The forest shows us its tall pines and young birches, green grass and many different flowers around. Insects also wake up in the forest - bees, wasps, bumblebees, beetles, dragonflies and other small forest dwellers. But we see all this during the day, and what beautiful sunrises and sunsets can be seen in the forest. In conclusion, I would like to say that each photo frame is a small page into the amazing beauty of nature. Each landscape is like a door that we open to nature.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.




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 3 years ago  

Seeing this makes me want to go for a walk directly .. I set up a forest day for tomorrow now 😁

Wow! A trip to the forest!
It's so cool!
Good luck with your walk.

 3 years ago  

Hehe, we have a little one just a few minutes walk from here .. its not for the whole day, but for an hour or two it's always a nice thing to do ^^ .. have a great weekend 👋

It is very good when the forest is near.
Have a great weekend as well!