Sunday At Bamboo Garden

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Hi Hive friends,

How are you doing? I hope you had a great weekend as I did :) Yesterday, I called some friends out for cycling, we discovered some new alleys with many local food and drinks near the area where we are living. It was a great time spent at the end of the day while our stomach got happy with street food tour ^^ and the best part of the trip was time at a bamboo garden in Son Tra peninsula with some puppies of the owner.


The bamboo garden that I am talking about is well known as one of three conservation areas for bamboo and bamboo in Vietnam, one in Phu Tho and one in Binh Duong. The owner of this place is the Month, Dai Duc Thich The Tuong. Back in 2005, a Buddhist monk gave him a land of 1 hectare in the Son Tra Valley. He chose these vast ridges as a place for practicing the rest of his life, this untouched mountain forest. He was cleansing the land, planting bamboo and bamboo, excavating the lake, planting lotus to create a rich village ecosystem. Up to now, this place has become a famous museum of bamboos called Son Tra Tinh Vien.
Coming here, visitors are not just lost in the diverse world of bamboo and bamboo, but they also experience the peaceful taste of the village, but also have the opportunity to learn about the species of bamboo. For us, we were not only lost in the huge bamboo garden, but also attracted by such cutest puppies who were born recently.


There are 6 puppies in total and in general they look similar but as you can see, they have different beauties. One has a white mark on his left foot and another one has some dots on his feet. They were all well played, didn't fight much when we were there. They love to discover each corner of their garden and bit a little grass along the way. The nature there is definitely a good land for them to grow up. I knew their mother, who is a kind of Phu Quoc dog - a hunting dog but she is not aggressive at all. Every time, I came there, she always wave her tail to welcome me.



They all love to be caressed, at the beginning, they haven't yet dared to jump on our feet, but after some minutes talked to them, they all came to my friends' feet and ask for caressing. Look how cute they are!




We spent almost our afternoon there with them, Lola, my friend tried to train them some tips like shaking hands and standing with 2 feet while I was taking pictures and capture our moments there. They are really adorable and we had a lot of fun with them.

Hope you enjoy my photos and my little diary. Happy week ahead!💚


Awwww. cuties! Saw them makes my heart melt <3 Luv

Happy weekend :)

Good morning @anggreklestari, thank you for stopping by. Yes, they are, I am sure you can't leave when you see them, so adorable! 😍

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Those puppies. What a cuties 😻

Thank you 😍 they are indeedly adorable 💓