The awakening of early spring

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The warm days of February (the last two weeks) had a positive effect on the plant world, which blooms earlier. Until a few days ago, everything was grey, without a single bud, flower or leaf.


And then, suddenly, an explosion of spring colors, for all the plants that are in the "first battle lines" for flowering...









But... Such beautiful flowers, of wonderful colors and fragrances, will remain on the branches until the first frosts appear, which will certainly be in the coming weeks (March, maybe and the first half of April), until spring officially begins and the nights stop be cold.
It's not easy to say, but maybe climate change has totally changed our climate, so maybe we'll get by without severe frosts, if only these early flowering plants are preserved...






One of my favorite fruits - apricots. And apricot is known as a plant that blooms among the first, as soon as warmer days come after winter. Because of the apricots,
I am afraid that this heat change and the low temperatures that may occur, will not cut it in bloom. If that happens, there will be a shortage of apricots again, without enjoying fresh fruit and without favorite juices and jams...

But let me not think about the climate changes that make the world we live in harsh, let me not write about possible shortages of fruits or vegetables, about the appearance of viruses and colds due to sudden changes in temperature...

I will only dwell on these beautiful pictures of newly blooming buds.


Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

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It looks like Spring came a lot earlier than before everywhere in Europe... I really hope that you will not have some really cold weather as that will not be good for plants that bloomed these days...
On the other side, it's a beautiful view compared to the "grayness" of the winter... Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you dear @ph1102 🙂
Rarely in years past (for my birthday today) was 22°C.
I have seen many winters and summers, but I don't remember seeing this temperature on February 28.

PS. I count the choice of my post as a birthday present 🙂


Thanks 😀

Unfortunately, today I completely miss live e with you on HHHlive.
I will think of HHHlive and have a drink in your health🙂