When Day turns into night || Contest Participation to Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01

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Some view of the nature is special because we need to go to that place on a certain time to observe the perfect beauty of the nature. Sunset view is one of them. Whatever the place it is, sunset view is always special and beautiful. If we go to near the sea or on a high hill then we can observe the beauty of sunset very clearly but the overall scenario of sunset is very special throughout the planet. It doesn't matter whether you are living in village or city. Specially after the sunset the sky turns into a colour which is reddish that is really awesome.


In today's participation of the contest of amazing nature I am sharing couple of views of sunset. I have captured these photographs with my smartphone after sunset and that place is about to turn into darkness. And before this moment the beauty of sky and its surrounding was really awesome which is not possible to describe all the time with the photography. As I have experienced, I know how beautiful it was when I was capturing the moment of the nature. In our life sometimes we experience such kind of moment and scenario. I have experienced when I traveled to a new place around my village with couple of my school friends. The place is a gathering place just in front of a big pond where people come in the afternoon to enjoy the time and after that they spend some time there. We were of that group. We had some time to spend there after the sunset but the view was amazing when it is sunset as I am showing in the picture.



This is the view just in front of the perfect village. In this lockdown, I am staying at village home and for this reason I just move to those places around my village and enjoy the beauty with my school friends and village friends. So, this is the part of that visit and it was an enjoyable time for me that I hope you will enjoy this wonderful natural view as well. I just want to stay or visit such kind of beautiful natural places every day because it always attracts us and if we just go to that kind of places, it is reminding us about the ending of our life and one day we need to turn into darkness from the daylight. So, it is really good to learn from nature because we have a lot of things to learn from nature and its beauty & happening. Nature teaches us from its core point of view. If you just want to learn from nature than it is possible to learn a lot of things. Thank you very much for stopping by. The photographs that you can see in this post is captured with my smartphone realme 6i.



Thanks to @adalger for initiating such a nice contest. Adalger is a nature lover. Nature is our one of the best companions. I love nature and amazing nature contest. It’s easy to participate here in the contest. Just simply post an amazing natural post with at least a photo under the community Amazing Nature (hive-127788) and share your link in the comment section of the contest post. You can check the original contest post from link below. Let’s love nature with #amazingnature

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 4 months ago  

That a very beautiful sunset ^^ .. must have been great to watch it :)

Yay! 🤗
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Healthier to be outdoors in smaller villages during lockdown, able to watch nature and enjoy the surroundings.