One giant Mullein

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Verbascum wildflower pl 5.jpg

There was only one.
One, huge plant that was growing among young pine trees, grasses and some other bushes that usually sprout in the fields that are not taken care of.
Just one!


Verbascum wildflower pl 3.jpg

I didn't write it's full name on purpose - I am having some problems getting full ID for it. There is a few types that look extremely similar: Verbascum phlomoides, Verbascum phlomoides and Verbascum phlomoides.
Though I am almost sure it is not the last one as it seems less popular in Europe. So we have two left :)

Verbascum wildflower pl 4.jpg

Commonly known as Mullein, it can be found throughout the Europe. Blooming start around May and last until about October depending on the region. It is a very resilient plant and will grow in poor soils with little rain.

You an see on the photo below how tall it is. The tallest stem was about my height. The leaves are huge too and stay loser to the ground.

Verbascum wildflower pl 1.jpgVerbascum wildflower pl 2.jpg

Verbascum wildflower pl 6.jpg

The yellow flowers will open on the stem continuously. Lower it was already producing seeds, while the top was still growing with a bunch of new buds waiting to open.

The photos were taken in September in Poland and I'd say it is still in bloom right now.

Verbascum wildflower pl 7.jpgVerbascum wildflower pl 8.jpg

Verbascum wildflower pl 9.jpg

Verbascum wildflower pl 10.jpg

A I was editing the photo I remembers that I saw a flower like that before. And nor in Poland, but in Portugal (and show some years ago).
Here it is:


This is verbascum sinuatum - smaller plant with some purple in the center. The flowers are about the same size, but the stems and leave are not as big. The temperature in summer is much higher and with hardly any rain they are often the only flowers in bloom among all dried up grasses. That's how though they are :)


This is a graphic for Verbascum phlomoides from 1887.

image source

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

separator flowers.jpg


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I especially liked his stamens with pestle!

Oh yea, I like them too :D

The variant from Poland is so elegant 😇
I like more the yellow-white combination.

Tall and proud :D
Did you see them in Spain?

Nope, as far as I remember, I think I have never seen it here.

Beautiful yellow flower. : )
nature is interesting, as you can see. Because of the climate, you can have two different species of flower, with almost similar appearence

Indeed. Quite interesting to see how thousands of km can change a plant :)

It’s a beautiful plant and brightens up the brown of the backgrounds here. I see similar ones in many places here.
Great captures @ewkaw 😊
Have a wonderful evening!

In summer they are easy to spot with the bright yellow :)
Have a great week ahead!

Thanks a lot @ewkaw 😊
Happy Monday 👋🏻☀️

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I love photography specialy natural photography. You are great photographer your taking whole photos are awesome

Thank you!

I've never seen this flower before since perhaps it only grows in colder places like Poland. I am interested enough and I search for it on the internet. Gosh, they are really tall. When they bloom all together, the flowers are amazing. !PIZZA

Oh yes they are tall! I wish I could see more of them in one place than just one.


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So beautiful and tender.

It was :) Thanks!

I remember as a kid, I was picking up some parts of that plant around June, it's a herb. I can't remember what it is healing though :) Phew, getting older :D
Have a lovely day, Ewka :)

I actually don't remember seeing them around that place. It could be that I didn't pay attention though :p

We are all always young :D

I think our eyes just ignore them. Despite their height, here they get quite big...

As I keep some old books about herbs, meanwhile I checked and found out that mullein has anti-inflammatory effect and is used for treating diseases of the respiratory system. The active part of the plant is the corolla.

Nature has solutions to all our issues, hasn't she :)

 last year  

Hello dear friend @ewkaw good day
You always surprise us with your beautiful finds, it is because of these beautiful things that I love nature.
I love this wild plant, its flowers are really beautiful, especially the Polish variety
have a great day

Thank you! And there is still so many to discover... :p

Woah... This is a beautiful yellow flower and it's kind looks different. I admire the way you give full deets on this content thereby giving me a pictorial representation of how it looks and feel although I am not present.

Thanks! I am glad you liked it :)

It's my pleasure🙏😍

Very cool photography.
This flower looks very beautiful with your camera.

Thank you :)

The display of the pictures that friends share is interesting and I really like some of the flower pictures that you display. Thank you very much friends for displaying very beautiful flowers

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you!

Hello @ewkaw!

thanks for sharing
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You have a good eye for these things. Regards.

Thank you :)