Mediterranean house gecko

Back during my holiday in Greece I was able to find this cute mediterranean house gecko one day in my room. It was probably looking for a warmer spot during the night and found it's way into my room where I could take a picture of it in the late morning. I am happy that it was not a snake or a scorpion and I still don't know how it got into my room since all the insect screens were closed during the night and also most of the time during the day. But I have to admit that I am pretty happy about it's presence since this is my first picture of this species. They are very good climbers and can climb walls without any problem.

I was lucky and could get very close to this Mediterranean house gecko. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Camera usedNikon Z6II
Lens usedNikor 24-120 mm lens
Filter usednone
Exposure Time1/500 Seconds
Aperture usedF4.0
Focal Length120 mm
Time08:41 am

I've never seen a Mediterranean house gecko before.

A very nice picture. However, I wonder if this species is not dangerous? Many conjectures are woven about the relationship between the colorfulness of their skin and how venomous these animals could be.

Thank you so much dear @florian-glechner for sharing this substantial sample of your photographic talent!

Warm and sincere greetings!


no not that I know of, for humans they are totally harmless. I haven't read they are venomous. Their color is usually a bit more brown and depending on the light situation they can also look grey or red like in this picture.

Ha ok, thanks for the information. Forgive my ignorance of the subject, but I just thought you had been sleeping with the enemy!