A joey

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A joey

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ABV 0001

I muted the audio as it was just the microphone being constantly buffeted by the strong wind that day

Captured 24 Jan 2012 within an abandoned quarry in the Mid-North region of South Australia

Here is a young kangaroo; a joey

Macropus fuliginosus // Western Grey Kangaroo ?

This is the first video in a series: "Animal Behaviour Videos"
It consists of amateur footage of animals observed by me
I'll be sharing them until I run out
Up till now they've just been sitting there
Occupying hard drive space
Well here they are
I have a real fondness for wild animals and enjoy observing them
Unfettered with the petty concerns of humans
Life takes on a stunning viscerality
The mysteries of the cosmos unfold themselves eternally before our eyes

All videos in this series are released with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
You are free to use this media for any purpose as long as you attribute the creator "goingcrossroads" and link the original in any derivative work

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