Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge - #3/4/21

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(Google translate from Czech)

Nature. Singed by many, "suffered" by others. We can think what we want but it does not change the fact that in nature everything has a purpose and a place.

Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community.

Although we give things different names, it is a name from a human point of view. Nature probably "sees" it completely differently :-).

The topics for this thematic challenge are:


As soon as one hears the word "parasite", one immediately imagines something terrible. As I wrote in the introduction, everything has its place and purpose in nature.

Your task for this topic will be:

  • take a documentary photo of the plant
  • try to find out and give a scientific name
  • state in the description what attracted you to the plant and some information about the plant for the rest of us

Followed, how else, a little inspiration for you :-)



This small twig belongs to the plant White Mistletoe (Viscum album). It is a semi-parasitic plant. To grow, it needs water and minerals, which it "obtains" by connecting with the "host" tree. In return, it "returns" to the tree part of the production from its own photosynthesis.

Mistletoe has healing effects. Among other things, it has demonstrable effects on certain types of tumors or on improving the immunity to AIDS. In ancient times, it was considered a "plant of the gods." Many certainly know the Christmas custom of donating mistletoe for happiness and maintaining a partnership.

I wish you success in fulfilling this challenge and many beautiful moments in nature.


If you are considering participating in this challenge, please read the following lines carefully.

Competition rules:

  • Publish your contribution IN AN AMAZING NATURAL COMMUNITY. You can also use TAG #amazingnature if you want
  • CLEARLY state that your entry is an ENTRY in this competition.
  • All images must be your own. You can use an amazing nature banner if you like or you can create your own.
  • In the TEXT Indicate why these pictures represent YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this competition – 200 WORDS MINIMUM
  • Place a link to your post IN COMMENTARY. You can add an image if you want. It is NECESSARY because I have to publish a link in Discord on Sunday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compilation purposes.
  • The entry window is open ~ 5 DAYS. Pay attention to - CLOSED in the title. Pay attention to the time bar (PeakD)


  • Only competition entries that correspond to the assigned topic will be included in this competition
  • It is NOT possible to submit the main competition announced by the leader of the @adalger community and this thematic competition with one contribution. If this happens, such a contribution will not be included in the thematic competition.

Prizes to win:
1st: 3 HIVE
2nd: 2 HIVE
3rd: 1 HIVE
I will introduce all participants in the entry section of the announcements, which will be published about a week later on Tuesday (according to my schedule, this may change). This way you will have a nice compilation of all.

How are winners selected?
The entire DNA community will vote for the winners. That's why we created a special competition channel #challenge-entries in DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will publish a post with the announcement including the winners (Announcement) EVERY MONDAY together with all your contributions (Contributions) EVERY SUNDAY. Each DNA member will be able to assign a "voting emoji" under the items for 24 HOURS. In the end, the lucky winners are three of them. In case of a draw, I will join as a judge.

Note: The above channels on the DNA discord are for voting only! Do not post links to your competition articles and photos here!

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Therefore, pay attention

The Amazing Nature Community team is pleased with your interest in nature and welcomes all ORIGINAL articles and photos. At the same time, however, he points out that there is no place in the community for PLAGIATES.





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 28 days ago 

Hello dear friends @amazingnature @bucipuci good day
Excellent the theme of this week; I have seen some trees hosting a parasite, without complicating it, I think I will be able to participate this week, the week before I had everything prepared, but an unexpected one arose and I ran out of time to participate.
I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid day

 28 days ago 

Your articles are always welcome :-)


 27 days ago 

Thank you for your link. Unfortunately, your article does not match the topic "parasitic plants". I recommend you to submit an article to the main competition


 27 days ago 

hello dear friend @bucipuci good afternoon
This is my link to accompany your kind invitation
have a beautiful afternoon

 27 days ago 

Thank you for your link.
Welcome to the competition :-)