Butterfly flower ornamental plants and small ants sucking honey

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The purple butterfly ornamental plant is one type of plant that is still very beautiful and widely preserved. We can see it in the yards of houses and I saw several houses still cultivating this ornamental plant. Many people plant it in pots because they don't has a large shape. However, this plant has beautiful and special flowers. Today afternoon saw the flowers in bloom and was ready to take some pictures and I will share them in this great community.
If we look at the specifics of this flower, it has purple leaves while the thousand flowers are white and this means that these two very bright colors are in this ornamental plant. If we look carefully, this plant looks very unique. It has a small tree but has flowers. which was so beautiful, I saw it from a distance and started to feel enchanted. As a result, I wanted to take some pictures as material for my knowledge and as a document if I had ever seen the beauty of this flower.
This flower is now in my yard and took photos using my Samsung A20s smartphone. Of course friends can freely enjoy the beauty of the flowers that I have taken. Of course these writings are also my ideas, my thoughts, I wrote them according to the picture. -picture and according to my efforts when taking this beautiful flower picture.
This is a series of beautiful news from my collection today and I am ready to share it with the amazing nature community, which is a community that always fills very natural posts and today I got that, this image is still an interesting place for me and the posts I hope that my friends who read it will also have new knowledge that beauty is close to us and here are some pictures. I hope my friends are always in good health and best wishes to the seniors in the amazingnature community from me to all my friends.

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