Portrait results of tableau ornamental plants with the Samsung A20s smartphone camera

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Planting ornamental plants in the yard of the house is one of the things that I always do so that in my yard there are various types of ornamental plants, such as this one, the Tablo type ornamental plant is an ornamental plant that does not have beautiful flowers but only affects the leaves that have very dark brown color.
I planted this ornamental plant in my yard so that friends can see that behind the plant you can see a fence painted white and this is the fence of my house. I take care of this plant in one day by absorbing it twice, namely in the morning and evening so that it can be seen So beautiful plants that have enough water will produce good energy both in terms of leaves and flowers later because every plant needs enough water.
I see that this plant is starting to be cultivated a little, meaning that not all home gardens are filled with this ornamental plant, perhaps because this plant does not have beautiful flowers, so flower lovers often forget about this ornamental plant, but for me, flowers are not a measure of preserving plants, that's the thing. which I always instill.
I have taken some natural pictures of these flowers using my Samsung A20s smartphone and immediately gave them to my friends so that they can see the results of the ornamental plant portraits in my yard and I will always take care of this and I take care.
This is the result of several pictures and also articles that I have written as briefly as possible so that it becomes a post that contains information and can also contain knowledge of the positive side for us flower lovers and us conservationists of plants that are starting to become a little extinct. Here are some pictures then I can continue this big thing, namely amazingnature communication.

CameraSamsung A20 S
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