Oh, this is interesting. Where do you live?

Durban (East Coast) of South Africa where it gets hot and humid in summer, winter it is the greatest place on earth! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing a little about Ukraine.

Oh, you probably live in a great place. At the moment I am in Belarus. This is also a wonderful country. Thanks for your comment and your attention.

I would love to visit Belarus, next door neighbour to Ukraine, all on the East where we were unable to visit when traveling in the 1970's. Each country has their own culture and personality so enjoy your stay or is it a permanent move?

Agree. Each country is different. Covid has limited travel. At the moment, this is the country in which I reside constantly.

Limited in travel, fortunately a large country with plenty to explore and enjoy. Once out of large cities it is a pleasure to enjoy.

It's great when you live in a big country and you can enjoy the beauty of your country.:)