The Three Crows 三羽烏 [English and Japanese]

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The Three Crows

These three crows are my favourite crows in my area. In Japanese, we say 'Sanba Garasu (三羽烏).' 'Sanba' means three birds, and 'Garasu' ('Karasu') means crows. When people refer to the 'Big Three,' we say 'Sanba Garasu.'

These three crows are always together, whether in the fields, the trees, the sky, and more. I really enjoy seeing them. Of course, they have more buddies, but usually, the three of them stick together.

When it's snowy, they gather like this at the top of the tree. I love finding them. I wonder what they think or talk about when they're together all the time. Maybe they don't need to talk. They trust, help, and play with each other without words. I assume they sense and communicate with each other well.

Japanese 日本語








I think you always track them that where they are going. Trio would be discussing the world of humans. Isn't it? 😂

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Totally! They observe human life very closely. They are smart!

They always stick together, maybe they are one while family ( ◜‿◝ )♡

Yes, they are. They are super intelligent creatures.

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Thank you!