March in Colorado

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Colorado is famous for it's rapidly changing weather. March is typical for us to have some fairly large snow dumps. This is what we woke up to today, 12 inches overnight and another 8 inches on the way today. Better than some places, up in the mountains around Estes Park they are predicting 4-6 FEET. Don't even want to think about that, This is more than I care for. Luckily it will change soon and by next week be back up to 70 degrees like it was last weekend.

If you're watching on a monitor, you can likely still see the snow coming down.
It's what I call a "Double Plow Day" Because I will have to get out with the snow blower and ATV plow at least twice today to keep up with it or it gets too hard to push and move. The snow is very wet and heavy this time of year. Frequently results in a lot of broken tree branches, and extra effort to clean off the driveways and roads.


Going out for the first plow soon. Added the travel tag, but not much travel happening up here today, winter advisories and such. The birds are quite pleased with the new feeder today!

Brrrrr. Looking forward to a huge bowl of Hot Chilli later!


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Thank you!

Thanks @bulldog-joy I thought that might look familiar to you! And bring back some fond or not so fond memories! Man, those big wet dumps are a lot of work!

I can imagine...a good workout lol. I'll stop by and shovel a little bit lol...I wished ;)

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