How to create stone tools i.e spear tips, blades, grinding stones, etc

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A special shout out goes to @ryivhnn for keeping me onto my promise and uploading this video from mid last year when I took my lil one out to country and taught her how to make stone tools.

If you've been following I'm part Indigenous Australian our tribe is Wiradjuri however we live in Melbourne which is Wurundjeri country. Don't say them too fast or together or you'll end up getting tongue twisted and not being able to pronounce either. 🤣

Australia is a vast continent or Island but occupation is quite small with the majority of the population residing in Melbourne and Sydney. This leaves much of the rest of the country quite empty. Although, if you ask an Aussie you'll probably get told that the place is full. That's mainly due to the fact everyone is cramped into city locations.

The country is quite beautiful and full of wonders once you leave the borders of it's cities, a whole different world.

But that's not what we're here for today, today I'm sharing with you an ancient means of creating a spear tip.

It's important to note, you may not get the full gist of what's occurring in the video but I'll try and talk it through, I'm certain once you try a few times you'll get the hang of it.

It's all in the throw.

You can pretty much use any type of stone to do this and it involves smashing a smaller rock onto a larger rock. But depending on the rocks shape you will make a different tool. Also, depending where you land the rock will also dictate the tool you make.

When throwing your stone if you're after a blade you want to try and find a jagged rock and another one with a kind of squarish extrusion. So that when the two connect the stone flake that chips off either of the rocks will have a square base and pointy tip.

You need to line your throw up as best you can and with all your strength and force slam it down rather than a throw.

It may take a few goes and ensure to wear protective footwear incase you miss and get your foot, or the blade is successfully dislodged and ends up in your foot.

The stones that flake off will tend to be quite sharp and they can be further sharpened.

Also utilising different shaped rocks will provide you with different tools. Some for wood carving, some for grinding and some for scooping and skinning animals. As you can see in my video I have made two kinds. A spear tip and a scooping formed strong that you would use to get in between muscle and skin.

These could then be attached to a spear (we'll get to making one, one day) and used to go hunting.

I hope you enjoyed this video and my time teaching my lil one her culture and how to survive if ever there is an apocalyptic event such as COVID.

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You have to throw rocks to get bits off, I can see myself getting hurt XD

It may take a few goes and ensure to wear protective footwear incase you miss and get your foot, or the blade is successfully dislodged and ends up in your foot.

Speaking from experience? XD This will probably be me, protective footwear notwithstanding x_x lol

Hopefully we'll find something at the quarry that we can use otherwise we might have to go for a drive which I'll need J for.

Gah how is the little one that cute XD

Thanks for the video :D