Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 192

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Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

Welcome to the 192nd round of my special weekly photo challenge known as Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun :)

I know a lot of photo contests with nature as the main theme were/are/will be hosted by various people on the Hive blockchain but I wanted to come up with something more than just another photo contest where participants would submit their best natural photos. Therefore, I decided to go for quite an unusual concept that I am going to introduce in the following lines.

The aim of the Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun photo challenge is not to make you dig up your photo archives and submit the best pictures of nature that you have ever taken. Instead, I want you guys to go out and appreciate the beauty of our nature right now.

The internet (and the Hive blockchain as well) is flooded with picture perfect shots of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. taken years ago. But this is not what I want to see in this challenge. I want to see shots that may not be necessarily stunning but they must be fresh, proving that you have just physically spent some time outdoors in the fresh air. But remember that nature comes in many forms. It doesn´t have to be a pristine jungle or a deep remote forest. An urban park, a botanical garden, a little grove on the outskirts of your town - pretty much any place with some trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water or any other natural features would be just as fine ;)

Obviously, there is no way for me to verify whether the photo that you submit in the challenge is really fresh or if it was even taken by you so I am relying on your honesty guys. The prizes for the winners (as described below) are more symbolical than overly motivating so I don´t expect too much fraudulent behavior in this challenge anyway.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge as simple and benevolent as possible so let´s agree on just this:

Only one entry (photo) per person per round.

The photo must be yours and not older than one week.

Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.

You can start submitting your entries to this round in the comment section below from now until the next round. If you want to create a separate post as your entry, you can do that but please always remember to submit your entry in the form of a comment here in this post as well. I only check the entries submitted here as comments.

Prior to publishing the next round post, I will pick 3 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the next round of the challenge. I also give some smaller upvotes on the other entries too so that all participants get rewarded for their engagement.

I usually host the challenge on Thursday but when needed for some reason, I can host it on some other day so better check my blog regularly not to miss out on it ;)

To keep up with you guys, I submit my own fresh natural photo to every round´s post too :) Here is my contribution to start out this round:


First of all, my apologies again for the delay. I was extremely busy yesterday so I´m rolling out this round today on Friday instead Thursday when this challenge is usually hosted. Sorry about that. I hope that the picture that I got to take for this round will compensate for the little inconvenience though. It looks like a scene from New Zealand or Scotland or something but in fact, it was taken here in Prague, Czech Republic. Some local farmers cooperate with the Prague authorities and the result of their cooperation can be then enjoyed by the local residents who get to see these beautiful animals grazing and roaming freely around the hills, which is something that the city dwellers don´t get to experience very often :) Moreover, the sheep get some exercise and plenty of delicious and juicy food while doing the work that would otherwise have to be done by some mowing machines. Multiple win scenario if you ask me ;) I took the picture in the Prague neighborhood of Jinonice a couple of days ago.

In the last round, we had 12 participants. After some thorough consideration, I decided to pick these 3 winners:

@fantagira with this entry from the UK:


Hey you! Love the photo of the creek. I love taking pics from the low perspective too. They have so much charm. I’ve got the promised mushrooms for you this week. Took them a while to finally show up, but I managed to fill up my phone’s album for a few weeks of posting again. That’s in Lordswoods, England, UK.

@mipiano with this entry from Spain:


Hey there, @phortun :)) Hope you are doing well and calm, while waiting for the arrival of your baby, though I think the excitement is already on high levels :))) I saw & read your post the other day and I remembered when we talked about this challenge of yours in Krakow! I am not a photographer, neither this is pure nature what I will bring here, but just a tiny green thread passing through the little town where we live. I canceled a piano lesson today to stay at home but in the end I went to buy some ingredients for the lunch. I crossed one of the small bridges (as it would be a "river" actually - but dry) and tried to squeeze those tall palm trees into a photo. Taken in Albir, a small town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

@onlavu with this entry from the Czech Republic:


A bit of hiking in the Jeseniky Mountains (Czechia) last Sunday. It was sunny but windy. The scenery shows the highest peak of the mountains, Praded (on the right), with the communication tower. Well known rock formation Petrovy kameny is also visible on the horizon.

Congratulations guys! It was my pleasure to give you 100% upvotes on your entries :)

I am looking forward to what you will come up with in this round.

Have fun and appreciate the beauty of nature!

I post this series in the Amazing Nature community, a great community for all nature lovers. Feel free to check it out ;)

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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Traveling, Photography, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Fitness and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


I took this photo last week in my village, Karaman, Turkey. I was walking from my house to my grandparents' house, I was quite tired but the view was inviting me to keep walking.

There we go! You promised some nice entries and you obviously delivered! Amazing view, thank you very much! :)

Glad you liked it man, I hope I can share more next week too. I really love this contest.

The road, the trees and the mountain behind look almost the same as the area when we go to the mountains here in Spain! The similarity is astonishing!

Haha my village is between a couple of mountains, man. That's why I think they're very similar. I'm so glad you liked it.

Oh, very very nice mountain landscape here!
Of course, walking with this view is inspiring ✨

Glad you liked it, yeah it was very inspiring for me too, that's why I continue to walk otherwise I was going to wait for a car :D

I share this photo of the (almost) full moon. It was taken on October 27, and the full moon happened the following day. To the readers in the northern hemisphere will notice something strange on the lunar surface, it is “up side down”. The reason is that it was taken at the southern hemisphere, more specifically In Antofagasta, located at the Tropic of Capricorn. In the photos we can see clearly the main craters: as the Tycho crater (at the right) and the Copernicus crater and the main maria.


This is a part of the this post:

Wow! "Luna llena" :) Fascinating shot, let me see the post too...

This picture is from my visit to Schiessentümpel waterfall. It is an incredible place. Rocky mountains, thick forest, Black Ernz river, hiking trail, and a waterfall all in the same place. It was even raining to make nature feel more "naturey". There's a road right next to this place, but walking here and drowning in the sounds of the water, suffocating in the fresh air from the trees, the beautiful chaos of the giant rocks, and the glistening moss simply had me in trance. I got lost from the world in some sense. It is so beautiful!

There we go! Stunning shot and very nice text too. Just a few more hikes like this one and Blind Spot the City Boy will quickly transform into Blind Spot Mr. Outdoors :D Great entry, thanks mate!


Jen škoda, že na tebe nepočkaly :D :(

I apologize for uploading my article in this round so late, but this weekend I was extremely busy, but even so I couldn't resist the temptation to take a hike in the hills of the area where I live (I'll upload an article tomorrow if I think about it) and take some pictures of the place I used to go on weekends, in those communist times I couldn't afford more, I didn't have so much freedom and yes, this was an iconic place.
The popular name of this place is "The Three Trees".
Picture I took today 29.10.2023 here in western Romania.

No need to apologize my friend, there is still a lot of time to submit entries in this round :) You picked a really nice shot, that´s an amazing scenery, thank you!

Every time I participate with the greatest pleasure.
Have a wonderful week ahead.

This is such a cool idea for a challenge, I stumbled upon it by accident when I absentmindedly used the search query New Zealand just to see what comes up. The photo you shared is a very familiar scene where I come from.
I’d like to contribute something. This photo is from a roll of film that I only just had developed. It was taken a few days ago on the West Coast of the North Island of NZ, near Auckland city. It’s a place known for its rugged terrain and wild surf. So beautiful. You can see the silhouette of my friend watching the ocean spray. Peace!


Hey there, welcome to the challenge! It´s a very interesting way to find out about it, I´m really glad that I used the comparison with New Zealand hehe :) Also, as far as I remember, your entry is the very first NZ entry in the history of this contest so I´m really happy that you found us :) Thanks for your contribution, cheers!

Funny how things work! I guess I’ll have to continue entering, someone’s gotta hold it down for the land of the long white cloud :)


I have finally arrived at this awesome challenge! 😃

I'm aware that this photo isn't perfect, but it is special at least because the tree in the photo is very special for the region where it was taken... I made this photo today on my walk, near to town of Altea, Spain, and the pine tree in the photo is over two hundred years old! As it is that old, it has also its special name, El Pi del Senyoret!

Thanks for hosting this great challenge! Good luck to the participants!

PS. The photo of @onlavu is astonishing! Great job!!!

Hey mate, I´m happy to see you here! That´s a very nice entry, what a majestic tree that even has its own name! :) Thank you very much for joining us. Saludos! :)

This is from the Vienna Forest, close to where I live. I wanted to make a shortcut and cross a small river at a place where there is no trail. It looks almost like a djungle.

When I lived in Latin America, I loved exploring the jungle and I can tell you that this place looks indeed somewhat similar. Except it´s much safer for you to roam around without having to worry about deadly snakes, spiders, scorpions or leopards :) Great entry, thank you!

Indeed, otherwise I would not "room around". But in any case good shoes are needed and an attention where you are going. The worst thing probably is if you knuckle over and get stranded.

Right. Proper hiking shoes and caution are essential in every type of rough terrain ;)

That would be the bridge to cross the little river :)))

So cool Austrian jungle 😎

This is my participation in this challenge, in this first post I hope many people like my results.
I took this picture on a beach and to be precise I was standing in the estuary. This place called meurah seutia is 1km from my house, I often come here by motorbike in the morning and take pictures for stories or posting material. In this photo I took a moment of a fisherman looking for fish near an estuary not far from the open sea.

The picture I took at 6.58 Indonesian time, Monday 30 October 2023

Thank you very much for this great entry!

Hello everyone! This is my entry to this challenged. I took this photo last Sunday when I got the chance to stay at the Soul Sierra "Soul Camp" in Busay Cebu City. I got up early and witnessed this amazing sunrise. Nature always heals me.

Very nice and soothing scenery, thanks for your contribution to the challenge :)

Thank you for appreciating☺️

Some great entries this week man I love it. @mipiano's is my favorite! I'll share my entry in a while.

Awesome, let me see :)

Thanks @incublus :)

You'r welcome mrs ph1102 :D

A beautiful collection of shots as always!

Yeah, the last round was full of great entries. Thanks for checking them out! :)

Sure respect nature a lot

Cool. Feel free to join us with your own entry ;)

Thank you @phortun for selecting the Spanish entry 😇🌴🌴

I also loved @fantagira's mushrooms 🍄 :)

Happy weekend and let this post be filled with many great nature photos!
Hey, how nice that you saw so many sheep 🐑🐑🐑 👏

My pleasure amiga! :) Happy weekend to you too and hopefully see you here later with another stunning shot from Spain! ;)

Nature remains the boss, it is always amazing to view and this collections are beautiful.

Unfortunately, some people like to think that they are the boss on Earth but Mother Nature will always have the upper hand, that´s for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

Haha! Of course, mother nature will always have the upper hand. You are welcome 🤗

Grazie! 🙏

Těžká konkurence, ale Jeseníky se stejně prosadily. Nebo že by to bylo fotografem? Kdo ví :)

😁 pravda, kulaťoučké Jeseníky těžko něčím převálcovat.

Congratulations to the previous winners, and I'm excited to see what participants share in this round. Keep up the fantastic work! 😊🌿📸

Me too :) Thanks for stopping and leaving this nice feedback here!

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Really very great and amazing entries. I love it.

Thanks for checking them out :)

Most welcome dear.

Congratulations to the three winners, they were really good entries.

They were indeed and I can already see that this round will be also interesting ;)

I'm glad to see that a lot of people are interested in your contest and say it's a success.

I love looking at the mushrooms, I also happened to find some mushrooms today and it was really fun..

Awesome, feel free to share your findings with us in this challenge :)

Thank you so much