Green is calling me again.

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This breathtaking green place has achieved the top position on my favorite list. And why wouldn't it be? The site is lovely with a hug of green everywhere. I would probably trade y fancy trip for this very ordinary green park!

The small wooden house is to enjoy the birds chirping while devouring the green surrounding it. The house is so quiet up there. It was a nice experience.

And then the beautiful greenery. The second and third photo is where I laid down on the grass and walked for a good while barefoot. The play of light and shadow was mesmerizing with the gentle breeze. Then suddenly it started to rain for a minute. We took shelter in the waiting room, from the window the park was visible and we still could see the beautiful trees.

One thing that came to my mind, there were not many flowering trees in the park but only huge green trees. Probably that's their significance. So when I found the red Ixora flower it amazed me.

The name of the place is 'Zinda Park' means a lively place in my language. And it literally is. It's not like any other park but walking down the roads there feels like walking in the forest.

I wish I could devour my heart to consume this green again!

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 4 months ago  

How are you dear friend @rem-steem good morning
You are quite right, the place is really beautiful, a lot of natural green, and a wonderful little house for bird watching.
beautiful photographs
Have a beautiful day

Thanks for your appreciation. It would be amazing if I get the chance to visit the place again.
Have a good day.

very beautiful forest. the green of the trees makes it cool when the eye sees.

Thanks for saying so. The place is really wonderful.

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