Living in Madagascar

in Amazing Nature7 months ago

Today we went to Mount Astro in Antananarivo, Madagascar, the view was amazing and the weather was very nice. Clouds were engulfing the sky. I admire these clouds they can travel as far as they can, i watched clouds while remembering my family who are quite far from me. I am staying here in Madagascar for quite a months now and i am homesick. To kill the sadness me and friends decided to play games, we played 🏏Cricket .

The sky was clear and beautiful it was utter joy to feel the atmosphere which was clean and fresh. People of medagascar usually hike on these gigantic mountains on a daily basis just to get fresh air. I saw many Malagasy people who were sitting and playing with their friends and family.

Mount Astro is at the outskirts of Antananarivo city which is the capital of medagascar. From this mountain we can see whole Antananarivo as you can see in the pictures as well.

Well in the end hope you guys enjoyed the journey. I have tried my best to get good pictures of mine. Till next time take care.