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When talking about Africa, wild animals are the first thing I imagined since childhood. And the first to come to mind were elephants, giraffes and, of course, zebras. Yes, in that order, lions and hippos and buffaloes came after.

So today I want to share with you some pictures of zebras from two parks in South Africa: Pilanesberg National Park and Marakele National Park. I rarely photograph wildlife, mostly if I'm lucky enough to see some animals or birds while hiking or during landscape photography trips. I lack motivation and perseverance :) But during a trip to South Africa, it was a sin not to visit safari parks at least for a short time.

Zebras, these conspicuous and bright striped animals are very charming — both when they pose in the grass among bushes and trees, and when they stop at the edge of a paved park road to nibble the grass. Three plump striped figures in a row attract attention, even if they turn their butt towards us :) And these zebras almost did not pay attention to our cars frozen on the road and people staring at them.

In the photos, all zebras belong to the species Plains zebra, the most common. By the way, these zebras have not only black and white stripes on the skin. Until the moment when I saw zebras live, I did not even know this, but they also have brown "shadow" stripes closer to the animal's rump. For me it turned out to be an amazing discovery :) As they say, this is typical for the southern populations of this species.

Still, the current safari parks, which give many people the opportunity to see interesting and unusual animals in their natural habitat, are wonderful places. If hunting can be treated differently, then photo hunting is a completely different matter. It brings so many emotions when you can look into the eyes of a wild animal from a distance of several meters!

Often there is not enough time or skills (or money for guides) to visit completely wild corners of the planet in order to track down wild animals on your own. But if you don’t want to admire such interesting animals at the zoo, safari parks are very helpful in this sense. Let the animals be comfortable there despite our curiosity!

It's better to watch the photos in high resolution.

This post is also an entry to the PhotoFeed Around The World Contest — Africa dedicated every day of the week to one of the continents. Check out @photofeed for more information :)

Camera: OLYMPUS E-M1 Mark II

You can also see my photos in my blog LJ and in my profile on NatGeo. You can read a short interview with me here.


Wow so wonderful. When did you go? I was surprised to see the brown on the zebra too. It was on the baby zebra and the older ones were black and white.

Oh yes, lovely animals. Thanks!
As for the stripes, yes, it was unexpected. These seem to be all not babies, but more or less adults, but there are brown stripes. Who knows why :) Perhaps, over time, they will darken even more.
These photos are from a trip in the spring of 2019. From time to time I extract them into the light of day and indulge in memories :)

What beautiful specimens of zebra they look that are very healthy. How good to be able to go to South Africa and meet these animals in the middle of nature, it is a gift from God.

Yes, they seem to be doing well there with health and diet :)
It was really great to go there. Hope your trips are great too!

Zebra two species Plains AKA Burchell's zebra and Mountain Zebra most commonly found in South Africa, each with unique stripes like a finger print. Third now extinct is Quagga

Great you got to visit getting into the wildlife parks!

Some humour from our June visit to iSimangaliso Wetland Park "Zebra Crossing' which I have used previously on a post here in Hive.


Thanks for the info! I'm not a big expert in zebras :)
I've heard of the Quagga before. A project to revive the Quagga is really interesting. I hope they succeed!

Nice photo! Looks like these zebras are in no hurry to cross the road :)

When young we visited Mountain Zebra National Park (yup back in school years on tour, actually did learn something), once pointed out for some reason I remembered. Perhaps it was just a brilliant time away !LOLZ

How many stars are in the sky?
All of them.

Credit: reddit
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Traveling and excursions in childhood is wonderful. I also traveled to different places several times during my school years - my mother sometimes worked as a tour guide in addition to her main job. It instills a taste for travel. So later I continued to do it myself :)

Had some good school tours, love of travel was influenced via my Mom who had serious itchy feet !LOLZ

Oh, our mothers unite us :)

In my opinion, zebras are also interesting animals and I would like to see them up close. Their brown color is special. I also remember when African animals are mentioned, buffalo, elephant, etc

Definitely worth a look at them, as well as other animals - elephants, for example, just fascinated me. Hope you get to see them up close!

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